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Ringplus Announces Valentine’s Day Promotions

Ringplus Queen of Hearts Valentine's Day Promotional Plan
Ringplus Offers Special Free Cell Phone Plans For Valentine's Day
By Joe Paonessa – Feb 10, 2016

In what seems like a little bit of a double dip move in that Ringplus just announced its Legends 5 promotion, the Sprint MVNO has another promotion launching in time for Valentine's Day that will overlap a little bit with Legends 5.

This Valentine's Day promotion will open on Friday, February 12, at 12 PM PST (Legends 5 runs until Saturday February 13 at 12 PM PST) and will last until Monday, February 15 at 11 PM PST.

Ringplus has a trio of free plans being offered during the promotional period, including one that current subscribers can switch to.

Queen Of Hearts Free Plan

The Queen of Hearts free plan includes 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 650 MB of data per month WITH tethering included. Current subscribers can switch to this plan.

A $10 auto top up is required to cover any overages which consist of 2¢ per MB of data, SMS or minute.  MMS (picture messages) which are not included with the plan, are charged at a rate of 4¢ per message.  The $10 top up will be automatically charged to your account any time your account balance reaches $0.

King Of Hearts Free Plan

The King Of Hearts plan will come with 1,350 minutes, 1,350 texts, and 1,350 MB of 4G LTE data for $0/month.  Tethering is not included with this plan, but can be enabled for $5/month.

This plan includes a $20 auto top up with the same stipulations described in the Queen of Hearts plan.

This plan can only be activated if there is already an active Queen of Hearts plan in your account.  The King of Hearts plan can only be added as a new line.


Ace Of Hearts Free Plan

The Ace of Hearts plan includes 2,000 minutes, 2,000 texts, and 2,000 MB of 4G LTE data.  Tethering is not included, but can be added to the plan at a cost of $8/month.

A $25 auto top up is required for overages.

This plan can only be activated if a King of Hearts plan is active in your account.  The plan can only be added to a new line.

If you cancel one of your Valentine's promotion plans or downgrade to a lower plan, then any higher plans on your account will be downgraded to a plan one step lower.

Only one King, Queen, and Ace of Hearts plan per account are allowed.

Special Note to Legends 5 Plan Members

If you activate a Valentine's promotion plan, you can add an Ace of Hearts plan immediately.  If you cancel your Legends 5 plan, the Ace of Hearts plan will be downgraded to the Queen of Hearts plan.


The Valentine's Day promotional plans take a little bit of a different approach compared to what Ringplus normally offers for free plans.  Here we see plans that are offered to current and new members, instead of the usual new members only.  The plans also seem geared towards attracting families that have different needs per line.

I have seen some better offers in the past from Ringplus for single lines, but still, one can't really argue against free.

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