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RingPlus Matching Magic Plan

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RingPlus Announces Matching Magic Plan Full Program Details

     The other day I wrote about RingPlus's Magic Matching Plan.  It now seems this is going to be much more than previously described.  RingPlus, a prepaid operator on the Sprint network,  continues to think outside of the box as it continuously comes up with new and unique prepaid plan ideas.  Just the other day, joining only a handful of carriers and fellow MVNO's, they added unlimited WiFi calling to select plans.  Now, they have so much more to announce.

     Matching Magic Plan

       Beginning October 20, 2014 you'll be able to link your  prepaid account to another number in your RingPlus dashboard.  Then, for every minute of talk, every text, or mb of data that you use on the primary paid plan, the secondary line or "Magic Plan," will receive a matched equivalent amount of talk, text and data into their account that will be available to use for a period of 24 hours.  The secondary account will have the option for overages at a rate of five cents per minute, text or mb of data.

     Magic Freeze, and Magic Life

     If you are unhappy with the 24 hour limit in which you must use up your Magic minutes/data etc you'll have an option to extend that time frame starting on January 3,  2015 through the Magic Freeze or Magic Life programs. With Magic Freeze, you'll be able to store your unused minutes, data or text for a period up of up to 3 months.  Once you decide to start using any of these services though, you will revert back to having a 24 hour time period where you must use them all up.  Alternatively, for a small fee, you will be able to use Magic Life, which will let you use and store your Magic minutes for up to 3 months without having any 24 hour restrictions.

    Magic Shop

      Magic Shop will be another alternative for you if you feel you don't have enough Magic minutes, text or data, or conversely you have too much.  At the Magic Shop you'll be able to buy more minutes, text or data, or sell them if you have too many to other RingPlus members through an online auction.  Minutes that are sold can be converted to one of several cryptocurrencies if you so choose such as Bitcoin, Dodgecoin, and Litecoin.  This service will become active on December 1, 2014.

     Magic Friend Referral Program

Coming November 3, 2014, if you recommend a new member to RingPlus (the new member must register your number at signup)  you will receive 30% of whatever usage they accrue in your account in the form of Magic minutes, text and data.  As always, the extra minutes, data and text that you receive will only be available for you to use for a period of 24 hours.  As you might surmise, if you feel you won't be needing them, you will eventually be able to sell them in the Magic Shop.
Currently there is a growing thread in the RingPlus forums discussing all of these new options.

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