RingPlus to Begin Offering Services for Your Business Needs


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RingPlus Grapic

            Sprint MVNO RingPlus, an innovator in the field with features like it's real time in call app translator and Magic Matching Plan will soon be releasing plans and services that cater to your needs as a business.  The first new feature will come Monday, February 2nd, 2015, where you will have the ability to transfer calls to other lines with RingPlus Call Transfer as well as to participate in 3 way calling.  RingPlus Call Transfer will allow you to transfer your calls to anyone, anywhere on any network or landline.  To enable the feature you'll have to go to your dashboard and activate it.  The feature will work like any other typical 3 way call does, first you will put your current call on hold while you dial out to a second number.  Then you can either join in on the call by pressing merge on your dialpad or you can activate RingPlus Call Transfer to pass the call on to the other dialed party allowing you to leave the conversation entirely.  Call Transfer can be activated either before the call is answered or during the call by simply pressing **3 on your dialpad.  RingPlus says Call Transfer will be the first of a whole suite of office products that will soon be released.  BestMVNO will keep you updated when they are announced.

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