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Get Up to an Additional 1 GB of Monthly Data Free With One Of These New RingPlus Promos

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RingPlus is a prepaid wireless provider that takes customer ideas very seriously, so much so that it has based a new promotion around those ideas.

Yesterday the Sprint MVNO asked its members and those subscribed to it's help and support forum, otherwise known as the RingPlus Discourse, for suggestions for a new plan.  After a five hour discussion, the company decided to release a new promo and plan centered around that discussion.  The promotion will be active on Thursday, August 27th, from 3-9 PM PDT.

Promotion For New Member Sign Ups:

New members who activate a new line of service will be eligible for the following bonus data:

  1. Unlimited Talk and Text plans get an additional 1 GB of 4G LTE data each month than what's normally offered.
  2. Free Pepper Plan gets an additional 250 MB of data each month
  3. All other paid plans, those without unlimited talk and text, get 250 MB of bonus data each month
  4. Those who subscribe to the Free Plan during promotional hours with get an additional 100 MB each month.

In addition to the above, RingPlus will be offering a new Free Plan dubbed Diversity.  Diversity will require a $5.00 minimum top up which has to be maintained at all times.  Failure to do so will result in your plan being downgraded to the Truly Free plan.

Diversity will consist of 300 minutes talk, 500 text, and 300 MB of data.  If you go over any of the allotments you are charged $4.99.  Aside from being charged $4.99 if you go over you'll also receive bonus talk, text or data depending on which allotment you went over with.  The bonus allotment will be identical to what's included in the monthly Diversity plan, so you'll either get an additional 300 min talk, 500 texts or 300 MB of data.  The bonus allotment rolls over for up to two months.

Promotion for Existing Members

RingPlus will once again be offering a plan upgrade promotion just as it has done a couple of times over the past week and a half.  The only difference this time is that the company will allow those on a free plan to upgrade to that free plans VIP offering which contains bonus data, in other words you will be able to upgrade to VIP Pepper from Pepper and get an additional 250 MB of monthly data to use.  All paid plans however, will require you to upgrade minimally to the next highest paid plan to receive bonus data.  RingPlus's VIP plans are listed in the following table:

RingPlus Promotional Rates For Current Customers Looking to Upgrade

 Paid Plans Monthly Price Cellular Minutes SMS Full Speed 4G LTE Data WiFi CallingMMSInternational SMSOverages
Truly Free$0.001254010 MBAvailable
Free$0.0020050110 MBAvailable
Pepper *$0 (+$5 AUTO TOP UP)250500260 MB Available
Joy$1.99 + Tax200200300 MBAvailable
Mint$4.99 + Tax300500450 MBAvailable
Delight$9.99 + Tax700300550 MBAvailable
Harmony$19.99 + TaxUnlimitedUnlimited2 GBUnlimited
Revel$29.99 + TaxUnlimitedUnlimited3 GBUnlimited
Hyper$39.99 + TaxUnlimitedUnlimited4 GBUnlimited
Bliss$49.99 + TaxUnlimitedUnlimited6 GBUnlimited




RingPlus is also offering bonus minutes, and up to 200 MB of roll over data which will expire after 4 months, for those who like the live update thread which which is a thread discussing these promotions.  Specifically, for every 10 new members who enroll with RingPlus service, each customer who liked the live update thread will receive 1 minute of talk and 1 MB of data.  RingPlus said this promotion will go into affect after they reach 300 new members, a number they normally reach within 20 minutes of launching a promotion.

Overall I continue to like what RingPlus is doing to attract new customers and to hang on to the ones that they already have.  The new Diversity offering puts the company more in direct competition with FreedomPop which offers a similar free plan that contains 200 minutes of talk, 500 text and 500 MB of data each month.  The difference between the two companies and their plans though is that FreedomPop's plan operates essentially as a VoIP service without a cellular connection for voice calls ((it costs extra for a cellular voice connection)), and FreedomPop does not support MMS.  All calls and texts must go through the FreedomPop app.  RingPlus on the other hand does support MMS although you will be charged a small fee for each one that is sent or received.  No special app is required for calls or texts and the MVNO supports voice calls over the cellular network.


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