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For $19.08/Month, Red Pocket Mobile Will Sell You A Phone Plan With 2 GB Of Data Using Any Major Wireless Network

Red Pocket Mobile Annual eBay Plan 2 GB Data
Red Pocket Mobile's Annual eBay Plan Features 2 GB High Speed Data For $19.08/Month


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Red Pocket Mobile today announced yet another eBay exclusive plan featuring monthly allotments of unlimited talk, text and data with the first 2 GB at high speeds at an average cost of $19.08/month.

This is an annual plan meaning payment for a year of service must be made up front at a cost of $229.  The plan is available for use with any major wireless carrier network in the USA including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon and is scheduled to be offered at the rate described through Monday, September 11th.

International calling is included at no extra cost and can be used with any of the major wireless carrier networks described above.  Unlimited international texting is available on the AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile networks only.

Those that find themselves out of high speed data in a given month can add 100 MB more for $2 or 250 MB for $5.

The other Red Pocket Mobile eBay plan that was recently announced is also an annual plan, however it is geared towards low use customers.  The plan features 100 minutes of talk and text with 500 MB of data for $60/ year which averages out to $5/month.

Red Pocket has an annual plan on Amazon as well that is somewhat similar to this new eBay plan.  The Amazon plan is priced at $255 which works out to $21.25/month and it includes unlimited talk and text.  However data is hard capped at 3 GB.

Those considering the new eBay plan will have to think about what they value more in a plan before making a commitment.  The eBay plan gives customers unlimited data but just 2 GB's of it is at high speed.  For a little over $2 more per month the Amazon plan is available with the larger amount of LTE data but data is not unlimited.

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Which do you prioritize in a plan, more high speed data, or data that is unlimited but throttled?

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3 years ago

I’m a relatively low-usage phone customer myself (currently on Republic Wireless’ $20/month plan via a “pay for the 1st month, get the next 6 months free” promo from this spring), although Red Pocket’s $60/year 100 min./100 texts/500mb plan (I assume those buckets are for each month, not the entire year?) might be pushing it for me, as my monthly data use on RW has been running right around the 500mb mark. My college-age daughter who’s on a tight budget might like that $60/year plan, though, if she ever gives up on FreedomPop. It’s good to hear that Red Pocket is offering an Amazon-exclusive plan as well as their eBay-exclusive plans. I use the proceeds of my eBay sales to fund my eBay purchases, so I seldom have enough funds in Paypal for something as expensive as an entire year’s worth of phone service.

3 years ago

Ring Plus gave me a terrible impression of these “uncapped but throttled” plans. The RP throttling was so terrible that the data service was literally (as in literally) unusable. The value of “uncapped” was zero.