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Red Pocket Mobile Launches Data Only GSMA Plans And New Unlimited LTE Data Plans On eBay

By Joe Paonessa – May 16, 2018
Red Pocket Launches Data Only Plans And New Unlimited eBay Plans
Red Pocket Launches Data Only Plans And New Unlimited eBay Plans

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Red Pocket Mobile notified me today of some new and exciting plans that they now have to offer.  Data only plans have launched on their GSMA network priced as low as $5/GB.  The GSMA network we know to be AT&T.  A couple of new eBay plans on the GSMA and CDMAS (Sprint) networks have also been announced.  One of those new plans includes unlimited LTE data, which is a first for Red Pocket Mobile.

Red Pocket Mobile's New Plans

Data Only Plans

Red Pocket Mobile has launched 4 data only plans on the GSMA network.  The plans are available for use with cell phones and are priced as follows:

  • $10 - 1GB
  • $15 - 2GB
  • $25 - 5GB
  • $50 - 10GB

Details are lacking right now as to if the plans include mobile hotspot.  I'm waiting to hear back from the company on this matter.

Taxes are not included in the prices shown and will vary based on your location.

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You can shop for Red Pocket's new data only plans here.

New Red Pocket eBay Plans

Red Pocket has announced two new plans in their eBay store, both plans can be used on your choice of either Sprint or AT&T.  The new plans are priced as follows:

Red Pocket XL 360 Day Plan

This plan includes unlimited talk, text and data with the first 10 GB at high speeds and it is priced annually at a cost of $399. That works out to an average cost of just $33.25/month.  The plan also includes unlimited international calling to over 70 countries.

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Red Pocket XXL 360 Day Plan

The XXL 360 plan is Red Pocket's first venture into the unlimited LTE data market. This is another annual plan and it is priced at $499 or at an average cost of $41.58/month.  Unlimited international calling to over 70 countries is included.

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Editor's Take

The multi-month plan niche market continues to heat up.  Red Pocket's annual GSMA plan is now the cheapest plan to offer unlimited LTE data on the AT&T network and one of the cheapest on the Sprint network.  There is a little more competition at the 10GB data point.  FreedomPop's annual plan on AT&T with 10GB of data is priced at just $19.99/month.  However, it's not without fault as FreedomPop charges extra for voicemail and MMS and talk is VoIP only.  On the Sprint network, for just $5 more per month you can get 10GB of data on Tello and not have to commit to service for one year.

The data only plans seem to be competitively priced as well.  However, the market still tends to charge a premium for data only plans compared to having a cell phone plan with data.  Hopefully this is an issue the carriers and MVNO's can work on down the road.

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