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Red Pocket Mobile’s AT&T Offer Includes Unlimited Everything With 5GB Of LTE Data For $30/Month

Red Pocket Mobile GSMA Exclusive Deal - 5GB Data For Thirty Dollars
Red Pocket Mobile GSMA Exclusive Deal - 5GB Data For $30/Month
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Red Pocket Mobile has just launched a new promotion exclusive to its GSMA network.  The GSMA network refers to plans that utilize AT&T's network for service.

For a limited time Red Pocket Mobile will be offering an unlimited everything plan with the first 5GB of data at 4G LTE speeds for just $30/month. The plan normally includes just 3GB of data.  Red Pocket Mobile says for as long as the promotion remains active, its customers will receive 5GB of data every month when they renew their plan.  There is no timetable on how long the promotion will last.

Plan Summary And Promotion Details

Besides including unlimited talk, text and data, Red Pocket Mobile's $30 plan comes with unlimited calling to over 70 countries.

Although the plan includes unlimited data, once the high speed data allotment of 5GB gets used up, speeds get reduced to 2G or between 64 and 128 Kbps.

With the promotion in place, Red Pocket Mobile's plans are priced as follows:

Unless specified all plans are available for use on your choice of any major network in the USA, which includes AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon.

$10500500500 MB
$15100010001 GB
$20 ($19 w autopay)UnlimitedUnlimited500 MB
$30 ($25 w autopay)UnlimitedUnlimited1.5 GB
$35 ($30 w autopay)UnlimitedUnlimited3 GB*
$35 ($30 w autopay)UnlimitedUnlimited5 GB*
$65 ($60 w autopay)UnlimitedUnlimited10 GB*

* denotes data is unlimited with specified amount of data at high speed.  All other plans include data that is hard capped.

Is This Really A Deal? What Else Is Out There?


Those looking for a good deal on a phone plan may have just found one with Red Pocket Mobile. With the promotion in place, Red Pocket Mobile is now offering more data at the $30 price point than any other AT&T based provider around.

However, bargain hunters may also want to take notice of H2O Wireless's latest promotional offering as well. For a limited time, the AT&T MVNO is offering 4GB of data for $30/month for the customers first 3 billing cycles.  After that time, the data allotment gets reduced to just 2GB each month.  New subscribers also get half off of their first month of service.

Red Pocket Mobile's promotional plan is going to be the better deal for customers who want more data AND want their data at full speed.  H2O Wireless limits download speeds to a maximum of 8 Mbps and limits video streams to a resolution of 480p.  There are no such restrictions with Red Pocket Mobile.

Get This Plan From Red Pocket!

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