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Red Pocket Adds New eBay Plans

Red Pocket eBay Plan 90 Day Best Value
Red Pocket 90 Day Best Value eBay Plan
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Red Pocket, which already sells some cell phone plans exclusively on eBay has released two new offerings, a 90 day Unlimited Best Value Plan and a 90 day Unlimited Pro Plan.  Like all of its other eBay plans they are offered with your choice of backing network, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile.

Unlimited Best Value Plan

The Unlimited Best Value Plan features unlimited talk and text with 1 GB of high speed data per month hard capped for $99 for 90 days of service.  This averages out to $33/month.  The plan is also offered at an annual rate of $329 which averages out to $27.42/month.

Unlimited Pro Plan

The Unlimited Pro Plan features unlimited talk and text with 4 GB of high speed data per month for 90 days at a price of $180.  This averages out to $60/month.  The plan is also offered at an annual rate of $660 ($55/month).

Red Pocket also offers two other eBay exclusive plans that must be paid for up front one year in advance.  Those plans are the 1K Standard Plan and the 1K Gold Plan.

1K Standard And Gold Plans

The 1K standard plan offers monthly, 1,000 minutes of talk and text with 1 GB of data and the first 500 MB at high speed for $199/year ($16.59 monthly average).  The 1K Gold Plan is identical to the 1K Standard Plan except that unlimited texting is included.  The Gold Plan is priced at $229/year or $19.08/month on average.

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If you ever run out of data in the middle of month, high speed data add ons are offered priced at $10 for 500 MB and $15 for 1 GB.  Data add ons do NOT roll over into the next month, so be sure you really need it before you buy it.


Whether or not these plans look good to you may depend on which network you need for service and how much of a power user you are.  The Unlimited Pro Plan in my opinion looks inappropriately priced no matter which network you are interested in.  You can find better value elsewhere, just have a look at the BestMVNO cell phone plan comparison engine to see for yourself.

The Unlimited Best Value plan is a little more competitively priced across all networks, but only if you are willing to pay for the $329 annual option.  The new $90 day option is not offering any advantage over other MVNOs.

The 1K Standard and Gold Plans may be considered a bargain if you want service on Verizon, and are competitively priced compared to other network and MVNO plans as well.

What do you BestMVNO readers think of these plans?  Are any of you willing to pay for service a year in advance?

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