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Pure TalkUSA Updates Select Plans With More High Speed Data

Pure TalkUSA
Pure TalkUSA Updates Cell Phone Plans For The 2nd Time In 3 Months
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ATT MVNO Pure TalkUSA has updated two of its Unlimited Plans to include more data, holding one plan at the same price with an increase to the other.

The $35 plan got a data hike of 500 MB going from 1.5 GB to 2 GB of 4G LTE.  The $45 plan got increased from 2.5 GB to 4 GB, but also got a price increase to $50.

PureTalk USA's other Unlimited Plans have not been modified and a summary of their Unlimited Plans are as follows:

Unlimited Plans

All Unlimited Plans include unlimited talk and text.

Pure TalkUSA also offers Senior, Simple and Family plans priced as follows:


  • Senior Advantage 80, $5/month, 80 minutes
  • Senior Advantage 300, $10/month, 300 minutes, 50 MB data, 50 MMS
  • Senior Advantage 600, $15/month, 100 MB data, 100 MMS


  • Simple 300, $10/month, 300 minutes, 50 MB data, 50 MMS
  • Simple 600, $15/month, 600 minutes, 100 MB, 100 MMS

Family Plans

Minutes are shared, and there is a $5 additional charge per line but an extra 70 bonus minutes are given to each line.  Unused minutes rollover to the next month.  Subscribers must select the maximum amount they are willing to pay in a month, so if a subscriber chooses $30/month, they'll still start with 160 minutes and the $10 plan, if they go over in minutes they'll be charged for the higher plan the next month.

  • $10/month, 160 minutes
  • $20/month, 400 minutes
  • $30/month, 700 minutes
  • $40/month, 1100 minutes
  • $50/month, 1500 minutes

The Senior, Simple and Family Plans offer data add ons and MMS options priced as follows:

  • $9.95, 400 MB data, 200 MMS
  • $19.90, 1 GB data, 400 MMS


Any plan change that includes more data is always welcomed, however it's not always appealing when there is a price hike to go with the data hike.  The $35 plan is now better situated to compete with Cricket Wireless which offers 2.5 GB of data for $35 and H2O Wireless which offers 3 GB for $36.  Other AT&T MVNO's do not offer as much data with unlimited talk and text at that price point as can be seen in the ATT MVNO Comparison table.

The $50 plan could probably be priced better given that Cricket, Straight Talk and Net10 offer the same amount of data for $45 or less.

Pure TalkUSA phones and plans are officially available for purchase at Pure TalkUSA as well as Sears and Kmart.

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