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NetTALK Offering Unlimited LTE Data Plan 50% Off, Get It For $20

NetTALK's Holiday Promo Gives New Customers 50% Off Their First Month Of Service
NetTALK's Holiday Promo Gives New Customers 50% Off Their First Month Of Service
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NetTALK sells one wireless plan and it is an unlimited LTE data plan.  It's normally priced at $40/month but new customers can now get their first month of service for $20.

Fine Print And Plan Highlights

NetTALK is an authorized reseller of T-Mobile business plans.   That makes it a little bit different than an MVNO.  An MVNO in short buys talk, text and data in bulk from a major wireless network such as Verizon or T-Mobile and then comes up with its own wireless plans to sell to the consumer.  Whereas, an authorized reseller doesn't buy talk, text and data in bulk from a carrier but rather resells the exact same plan that the carrier sells.

In the case of NetTALK it is reselling T-Mobile's Unlimited One Plan.  It is advertising the plan features as including:

  • Unlimited international talk & text within the U.S., Canada, Mexico & Puerto Rico
  • Unlimited music & video streaming without using your data
  • Free Wi-Fi calling
  • No annual contract and no credit check
  • Powered by T-Mobile - America's fastest 4G LTE network
  • Keep your existing phone number or get a new one
  • Video streaming limited to a maximum resolution of about 480p

I think netTALK's marketing material is a little bit out of date here.  Unlimited music streaming and video streaming "without using your data" is not really applicable to an unlimited LTE data plan.

Furthermore, and also not mentioned in their dated marketing material, but mobile hotspot should also be included with speeds limited to about 600Kbps.  Although netTALK doesn't explicitly advertise that the plan includes hotspot, it is mentioned as being allowed in their terms and conditions, and it is part of the T-Mobile ONE plan.

The plan will also include T-Mobile DIGITS, and the T-Mobile Tuesdays customer appreciation program as well as all other T-Mobile ONE plan perks.

The 50% off for the first month promo is set to be available until Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019.  To qualify for the plan you will need to prove that you are a business.  NetTALK will ask for your tax ID at signup as proof.  You can supply either a SSN or EIN as your tax ID.

You can purchase a plan and SIM directly from netTalk using the button below, or you can order a SIM on Amazon and activate it later.

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