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Deal: NetTalk Connect 10GB Data For as Low As $20/Month For Your Small Business

netTalk Connect Promotion 20 dollars a month
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netTalk Connect Promotion 20 dollars a month
netTalk Connect Promotion Features 10GB LTE Data/Month For $20

For a limited time, netTALK is offering a special promotion to attract small business customers that features unlimited talk, text and data for $20/month.  With all great deals, there is of course a catch.  To get the great rate, you must pay some money up front.  To get the offer that works out to be $20/month, you must prepay $99.95 up front for your first 5 months of service.  After the 5 months is up, you'll be charged $40/month with auto pay enabled.  Other discounts are also available such as pricing at $25/month for 7 months with auto pay enabled before reverting to the $40/month rate.

netTALK is a T-Mobile reseller that only sells one plan and it is for businesses.  The company has been offering service for just a few months now and as a T-Mobile business plan reseller you get all the same benefits that you would get if you were subscribed to T-Mobile directly such as 4G data rollover, Music Freedom and Binge-On.

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