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Mobal Launches a T-Mobile MVNO “Mobal Freedom,” Plans Start at $19.99 For Unlimited Text and Data Both Domestically and Abroad

Mobal Freedom


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Mobal Freedom     UPDATED:5/19/2015

Mobal Freedom has updated their website and informed me that these plans are for businesses only.

       Founded in the UK, Mobal is one of the world's oldest cell phone providers, starting service in 1989.  Currently the company has operations in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific.  Mobal was founded with a goal of trying to help international travelers to better stay in touch with friends, family, and business contacts while abroad. The company also operates as a charity, donating 90% of its profits to a township in Africa, Malawi.

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Mobal Freedom Prepaid Wireless With A Focus on International Travel

Recently the company started providing prepaid wireless service domestically as an authorized T-Mobile reseller.  Four different plans are available and are as follows:

All plans include unlimited text and data both domestically and internationally to over 120 countries with varying amounts of domestic LTE.  Throttle speeds are 2G 64 kbps-128 kbps.  Voice Roaming does appear to be included according to their coverage map.

  1.     $19.99/month, 100 minutes of talk, free evening, weekend, and T-Mobile to T-Mobile calls.  1 GB LTE
  2. $39.99/month, unlimited talk, 1 GB LTE
  3. $49.99/month, unlimited talk, 3 GB LTE
  4. $69.99/month, unlimited talk, unlimited LTE

The most interesting plan to me here is the $19.99 plan.  If you don't require a lot of voice minutes, this plan seems to be one of the cheapest options out there to offer 1 GB of LTE data as you can see for yourself in the cheapest cell phone plans list.  They do also say that free evening, weekend and T-Mobile to T-Mobile calls are included.  I'm trying to confirm this with the company because it's not listed everywhere on the Mobal Freedom website.

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andrew sean
andrew sean
5 years ago

You think thats cheap? check dbs sim trade on google or yelp and see what cheap is!

5 years ago

Is this service only available to businesses?