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Mint SIM’s Updated Phone Plans Feature A 3 Month Trial Offer Of 10GB LTE Data For $25/Month

Mint SIM Updates Phone Plan Prices July 2017
Mint SIM Updates Phone Plans With Rather Peculiar Pricing


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(Updated: 7/30//2017 Mint SIM has informed BestMVNO that there was an error on the Mint SIM website that has since been fixed. Mint SIM's 3 month plans are actually promotional trial offerings. This article has been updated to reflect the changes that Mint SIM made to its website and the portions of this article that are no longer relevant have been crossed out.)

Mint SIM is a sub-MVNO of Ultra Mobile and it has never offered it's subscribers monthly plans, but rather multi-month plans that had to be paid for either 3, 6 or 12 months in advance.  The idea behind this was that the more a customer paid for service in advance, the bigger the discount they got on their phone plan when averaging the cost of the plan out over a month to month basis.  For instance, on one plan if someone were to pay for service 3 months in advance they'd have to pay $69 up front which would average out to a cost of $23/month.  However, if the same plan were paid for 12 months in advance, the customer would have to pay $199 up front which would average out to a cost of only $16.58/month, a savings of $6.42/month over the 3 month plan.

For some reason, Mint SIM has just updated the pricing of it's cell phone plans in a way that is nothing short of head scratching.  While Mint SIM and is still offering plans that can be paid for 3, 6, or 12 months in advance. it's current pricing structure offers no incentive for consumers to pay for service for more than 3 months in advance.


Mint SIM is now charging its customers more money for wanting to pay for service more months in advance.  The 6 month pay in advance plans now actually cost more than the 3 month pay in advance plans when all costs are averaged out over a month to month basis. The 12 month pay in advance plans are priced identical to the 3 month pay in advance plans when all costs are averaged out over a month to month basis. This is peculiar indeed as it should lead to a higher customer turnover rate for Min SIM as I would imagine nearly all of its new customers will subscribe to the 3 month pay in advance plans.

Although this pricing strategy is rather odd, Current and potential customers can at least rejoice in the fact that Mint SIM has lowered the prices of most of its plans across the board.  As long as subscribers are willing to sign up for service at least 3 months in advance, they'll be able to get what is one of the best values around in a phone plan.

Mint SIM's updated phone plan pricing structure with the previous plan prices crossed out in red are below:

Mint SIM's Updated Cell Phone Plan Prices

Please note, all of Mint SIM's phone plans include unlimited monthly talk, text and data with the specified amount of monthly data at 4G LTE speeds before throttling to 2G speeds. Also note, the costs shown for each plan are what the monthly rates average out to, not the price that must be paid up front for the plan. For instance the 2 GB/month 3 month plan shows a cost of $15 in the chart, as opposed to the $45 that a customer must pay up front for 3 months of service.

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Included High Speed Data Per Month 2 GB  5 GB 10 GB
New Customer Monthly Rate For 3 Month Trial**$15 ($11.67)$20 ($16.67)$25 ($20)
Renewal Rate For 3 Months$23$30 ($33)$38 ($39.67)
Monthly Rate For 6 Months$18 ($19.83)$24 ($28.17)$30 ($34.83)
Monthly Rate For 12 Months$15 ($16.58)$20 ($24.92)$25 ($33.25)

**Includes a 7 day money back guarantee for first time subscribers.  Previous plan prices are crossed out in red.

All of Mint SIM's phone plans also include Hotspot/Tethering.

So what do you think of these new phone plans?  If you find them to be a steal of a deal, head on over to the Mint SIM website or visit for continued coverage from

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Not A Mint SIM Customer...In Seattle
Not A Mint SIM Customer...In Seattle
3 years ago

I was interested and I simply tried to locate the renewal rates after the $15/mo promo period ends. Nowhere on their website did they provide this information so I entered a chat session and asked repeatedly but my question was repeatedly unanswered. And then a gif appeared of the fox now in a down pouring of rain….(at the beginning of the chat you are welcomed by a gif of the fox with fireworks and champagne). The rainy gif implied to me that someone was indeed on the other end and it was intended as a juvenile insult aimed at my locale as there was no logical reason otherwise for it to appear. (I live in Seattle.) At any rate, I won’t be a customer due to sneaky sales tactics and lack of transparency in pricing…even after overlooking the offensive behavior of a juvenile chat/support person…(coverage isn’t great in the West anyway…certainly none at the ski areas.)

Rolf Salhus
Rolf Salhus
3 years ago

Funny that renewal rates are now re-defined for the 3 month plans but not for the 6 or 12 month plans. I have a feeling that these price updates got messed up somehow and will be corrected soon.

tee gee
tee gee
3 years ago

just looked over very confusing chart again, maybe it is a slight price decrease lol

tee gee
tee gee
3 years ago

looks like, walks like, talk like a price increase

Robert Twigg
Robert Twigg
3 years ago

Be aware that MintSIM operates on the T-Mobile network,
same as Metro PCS. MintSIM is not upfront about that. I learned it when my SIM card arrived and I activated as a test. I am currently a Puppy Wireless customer on a Verizon network plan. T-Mobile is not strong where I live so I will be cancelling.