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MetroPCS Launches North America Unlimited: Talk, Text and Data While in Canada or Mexico

MetroPCS North America Unlimited
MetroPCS Launches North America Unlimited
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Today, MetroPCS launched what it is calling North America Unlimited®, where for a $5/month add on to eligible plans, customers will be able to talk, text and use LTE data while in Canada and Mexico as well as be able to call and text those countries from the USA.  The add on is available to MetroPCS plans priced at $40 or more.

The new plan add on expands upon MetroPCS's "Mexico Unlimited" feature which was released back in July.  MetroPCS customers with that add on paid $5/month for talk, text and data use while in Mexico and could also call and text to Mexico from the USA.  Current Mexico Unlimited customers will automatically get upgraded to North America Unlimited®.

North America Unlimited is available immediately, and customers interested in the new feature can add it to their current plan by either visiting any MetroPCS location, dialing 611, or adding it through their online account.

About MetroPCS

MetroPCS is owned by T-Mobile and it is their no contract prepaid MVNO brand.  It competes against AT&T's prepaid brand Cricket, and Sprint's prepaid brands Boost and Virgin Mobile.

MetroPCS has four cell phone plans ranging in price from $30-$60 and all plans include unlimited data with varying amounts of 4G LTE data.  The amount of 4G LTE data included with each plan is as follows:

  1. $30 1GB
  2. $40 3GB
  3. $50 5GB
  4. $60 Unlimited, although data gets de-prioritized if you go over 23GB in a month meaning if the network is busy at that time your speeds will be temporarily slowed.

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