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MetroPCS Announces New Promotions For Families, Up To 50% A Line

By Joe Paonessa – Jul 6, 2016
John Legere T-Mobile MetroPCS Promotion

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MetroPCS, through its parent company T-Mobile, made a few announcements today in regards to some new promotions it is offering as well as to boast of the companies recent growth and success.

To start, T-Mobile has made the claim that MetroPCS is absolutely crushing it, and that it is America's No. 1 prepaid brand.  T-Mobile has said that more than 800,000 customers joined its network in quarter 1, making it the companies best quarter ever.  Not only that, but T-Mobile is also boasting that it is the only wireless company to have positive growth in BOTH its prepaid and postpaid divisions for 11 quarters in a row.


Aside from the bragging, MetroPCS hopes to continue to expand with the help of the following promotions:

  • MetroPCS is offering $60 off any smartphone when you port in.  The $60 credit is good enough to get one of 9 different smartphones for free such as the Samsung On5.
  • For $25 a month you can add another line to your family plan.  If you already have a plan with 5 GB of data or more per month you'll be able to get an additional 5 GB of LTE data for 50% off the regular price.

The company claims that its cell phone plans, which are summarized below, offer a savings of over $180 a year when compared to Sprints Better Choice plan as well as to Boost Mobile and Cricket Wireless plans.

MetroPCS has also teamed up with the likes of UFC fighters Ronda Rousey, Paige VanZant and Anthony Pettis to help promote the brand.  A commercial featuring Ronda Rousey is below.

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