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Metro By T-Mobile Offering Free Samsung Galaxy A20 To Switchers

Metro By T-Mobile Offering Samsung Galaxy A20 Free To Switchers
Metro By T-Mobile Offering Samsung Galaxy A20 Free To Switchers
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Metro By T-Mobile has unveiled what it is calling the "Best Deal in Wireless."  Customers who switch over to Metro can get two unlimited LTE data lines for $80/month and two Samsung Galaxy A20s for free. The free Samsung Galaxy A20s replace Metro's previous offer of two free Samsung Galaxy J7 Stars.

Offer Fine Print

The two free Samsung Galaxy A20s offer is available now and does require a port in.  Those switching from T-Mobile or those that have had service with Metro in the past 90 days are ineligible for the offer.

The Samsung Galaxy A20 will regularly retail for $239.99.  Customers that want to take advantage of the free phone offer will be responsible for paying sales tax on the phone based on its full retail price.  A $15 line activation fee will also be charged. The phone will be made "free" via a $239.99 instant rebate with activation of a new line of service.  There is a limit of two free phones allowed per account/household.

The two unlimited lines for $80 offer that is being touted as part of the free Samsung Galaxy A20 deal gives customers unlimited talk, text and LTE data with taxes and fees included.  The plan also comes with 100GB of Google One cloud storage, a subscription to Amazon Prime and 15GB of hotspot.  The Amazon Prime subscription is only valid for new Amazon Prime members.  Video streaming on the plan is limited to a resolution of 480p.  Those who consume more than 35GB of data in a month may experience temporarily slower data speeds during times of heavy network congestion.

Editor's Take

Wave7 Research recently reported that Samsung has been in the process of replacing its J-series phones with the new A-series.  Consequently, I think we can expect to see more provider promotions like Metro's centered around the new A-series.  The J-series of devices which include the Samsung Galaxy J7 Star have long been mainstays for providers and the A-series will likely have the same impact.

Last week Metro By T-Mobile released another A-series device, the Samsung Galaxy A10e.  That device, along with the recently launched LGK40 are also available for free to switchers as part of Metro's Back-To-School offers. Next week the T-Mobile owned prepaid provider is scheduled to launch more deals including an LG Stylo 5 for under $50 offer and a "get a Moto G7 Play ON US" for switchers offer.

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