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Lycamobile Adds Unlimited LTE Data Plan For $55/Month, Makes It Easier To Sign Up For Family Plan

Lycamobile Updates Phone Plan To Include Unlimited LTE Data
Lycamobile Updates Phone Plan To Include Unlimited LTE Data
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It looks like some changes have been happening at T-Mobile MVNO Lycamobile.  The Lycamobile website has recently been updated and it now appears to be much more streamlined compared to its previous incarnation.  All the clutter has been replaced by a more modern looking theme.

The company has also upgraded its $55/month plan to include unlimited 4G LTE data, up from 10 GB of monthly data.  Like all unlimited LTE data plans, data speeds may become prioritized below other customers once a certain amount of high speed data gets consumed in a month.  In the case of Lycamobile, like its parent network T-Mobile, if you use more than 32 GB of data in a given billing cycle, you may notice your speeds temporarily slowed down during times of heavy network congestion.

Similar to some other unlimited 4G LTE data plans, this plan prohibits tethering/mobile hotspot.  It does include unlimited talk and text, although unlike Lycamobile's other cell phone plans, it does not include any international calling or texting.

The addition of unlimited 4G LTE to the $55 plan, gives Lycamobile one of the cheapest unlimited LTE data plans around.

Lycamobile's Updated Family Plan

Last month Lycamobile introduced a new family plan.   At that time, customers were required to visit their local dealer or to call Lycamobile to sign up for it.  Now, at least if you are a new customer, you can signup for the plan online without a need to leave your house or spend time talking on the phone.  For the time being, current customers will still need to contact Lycamobile to convert over to the family plan although the company says on its website a better solution is coming for existing customers soon.

Lycamobile only offers one family plan which includes unlimited talk, text and data with the first 5 GB at high speeds.  It also includes unlimited talk and text to over 30 countries.  For an individual line the plan is priced at $45/month.  Multi-line customers can get two lines for $80, 3 for $105, 4 for $120 or 5 for $125.

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