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Simple Mobile Is Number One In 1Q22 Wave7 Research Dealer Survey

Verizon’s Simple Mobile Is Again In 1st Place In 1Q22 Wave7 Research Dealer Survey

Stephen Vicinanza - Apr 11, 2022
Verizon’s Simple Mobile is once again at the top of the Wave7 Research prepaid wireless dealer survey.  This is the 29th time in a row Simple Mobile has come in first place in the survey. The survey was conducted in February and March of 2022, of reps of 30 independent
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Simple Mobile Dealer

Verizon’s Simple Mobile Finishes #1 In 4Q21 Wave7 Research Wireless Dealer Survey

Joe Paonessa - Jan 5, 2022
Simple Mobile led the pack in the latest Wave7 Research multi-carrier prepaid dealer survey. According to the firm’s fourth-quarter 2021 survey, it was the number one selling brand by a mile. Wave7 Research has conducted the survey a total of 28 straight quarters, and Simple Mobile has led the way
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Simple Mobile Wins Wave7 Research 3Q21 Dealer Survey (Photo By Wave7 Research)

It’s No Surprise Simple Mobile Top Selling Brand In 3Q21 Wave7 Research Dealer Survey

Joe Paonessa - Oct 1, 2021
It comes as no surprise that Simple Mobile was the top selling brand in the most recent multi-carrier prepaid dealer survey conducted by Wave7 Research. Look over previous surveys, and you’ll see Simple Mobile finished on top each time as well. In fact, Simple Mobile has finished on top for 27
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Simple Mobile Tops Wave7 Research 2Q21 Dealer Survey (Photo By Wave7 Research)

Simple Mobile Is Top Selling Brand In 2Q21 Dealer Survey Conducted By Wave7 Research

Joe Paonessa - Jun 16, 2021
Simple Mobile is again the top-selling prepaid brand in the latest survey of independent dealers conducted by Wave7 Research. Wave7 Research has performed the survey for 26 straight quarters dating back to 2015. In May and early June, the research firm queried 30 independent multi-carrier prepaid dealers by phone around
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Simple Mobile Tops Latest Wave7 Research Dealer Survey

Simple Mobile Top Selling Brand Via Independent Dealers In 1st Quarter Of 2021

Joe Paonessa - Mar 29, 2021
According to a survey conducted by the firm Wave7 Research, Simple Mobile was the top-selling prepaid brand sold through independent dealers in the first quarter of 2021. This comes as no surprise to Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research, who says Simple Mobile regularly tops the survey. Moore and his
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