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Sign Up For Project Fi and Get Up To $150 Off A Nexus 5X

Google Offers $150 Off Nexus 5X to Project Fi Customers
Google Offers $150 Off Nexus 5X to Project Fi Customers
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Now that Google's Project Fi is officially out of Beta and open to all, the search Giant is offering a promotion to try and entice you to sign up for service.  The pseudo carrier is offering up to $150 off of the Nexus 5X when you buy it directly from Google and activate it with Project Fi.  That means you can get the 16 GB version for $199, or the 32 GB for $249.

This offer is for a limited time.  If you purchase the Nexus 5X from the discounted price of $150 will automatically be applied during checkout.  If you do not activate the device within 30 days of device shipment, your account will be charged back the $150.  Additionally, those who purchase a Nexus 5X from the Google Play Store and later activate Fi service will automatically receive a partial refund on the form of payment used to purchase the device.  To get the refund, the device must be activated on Fi using the same account that was used to purchase the device.  The refund will occur within two weeks of activation.


This offer will last through April 7, 2016 and there is a limit of one discounted 5X per customer.

About Project Fi

Google's Project Fi offers Wi-Fi cellular hybrid calling plans that start at $20/month for unlimited talk, text, international text and coverage in 120+ countries.  Data can be purchased at a price of $10/GB and any unused data that you have at the end of your billing cycle gets refunded to your account.  Data is at 4G LTE speeds using T-Mobile and Sprint networks.  Outside of the USA, data is limited to 3G speeds or 256 kbps.

To use Project Fi you must purchase a device directly from Google since special software is required to be on the network.  The software is what allows the device to automatically transition between the best network that is available, whether it's T-Mobile, Sprint, or a Wi-Fi hotspot for you to make calls and send texts through.  While automatically connected to Wi-Fi hotspots, your data connection is secured through encryption so that you can browse the internet and make calls privately.

If you need more information or are interested in service, head on over to the Project Fi website.

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