Project Fi Is Now Available For Google G Suite Customers

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Today Google announced that those who have G Suite accounts can now use their own domains and associated email addresses to signup for service with Project Fi.

Prior to this change, in order to subscribe to Project Fi you needed an email address ending in  This change is currently in effect only for G Suite customers in the USA.  So if you have a small business or are somebody that uses G Suite, you can now enable Project Fi for yourself or ask your G Suite administrator to do it for you.

Google says that Project Fi must be enabled in the G Suite admin console for each user as it is turned off by default.  Project Fi is currently limited to 6 subscribers per account so it is not suited for large businesses.

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This small and subtle change to the Project Fi signup process may indicate that Google is readying Fi to target the business cell phone plan niche, a market that to my knowledge still seems largely untapped by MVNO's.

More About Project Fi

Project Fi is run by Google and it is an MVNO of T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular in the USA as well as Three in Europe.  The service works by automatically switching between Wi-Fi and the three supported cellular networks in the USA depending on which provides the best coverage at a given location.  Calls and texts therefore may be placed over Wi-Fi or a cellular network.

Project Fi plans start at $20/month for unlimited talk and text and data is priced at $10/GB.  Subscribers get refunded each month for any unused data that they have in their account.  For more on Project Fi, head on over to the Project Fi website.

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