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Good2Go Mobile News

Current Good2Go Mobile Subscribers Get Permanent Double Data And Offer For 3X Data

Good2Go Mobile Makes Double Data Offers Permanent For Current Customers, Also Updates Plans

Joe Paonessa - Feb 1, 2021
Good2Go Mobile had long run a double data offer that it first started in December of 2019. All new customers from that time frame onward were granted double data with their plans. The initial promotion was designed to give new customers double data for their first 3-months of service. However,
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Good2Go Mobile Review

Good2Go Mobile Review, A Year Long Trial

Joe Paonessa - Mar 11, 2020
Good2Go Mobile A Quick Overview Good2Go Mobile is a wireless provider that uses AT&T towers to provide service to its subscribers.  In order to subscribe to the network, a universally unlocked or AT&T compatible phone is required. Good2Go Mobile has operated in the USA for about 5 years and is
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Good2Go Mobile Is Offering Double Data To Both New And Existing Customers

Good2Go Mobile Now Offering Double Data Promo To Existing And New Customers, Get 6GB Data For $20/Month

Joe Paonessa - Dec 18, 2019
Good2Go Mobile has just launched a new promotion.  Both new and existing customers can for a limited time get double data on all plans for a period of 3-months. Double Data Offer Fine Print This offer started on 12/16/19 and will run until 1/16/20.  All new subscribers to Good2Go Mobile
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Good2Go Mobile Updates Website And Plans

Good2Go Mobile Has New Website With New Plans, Featuring Unlimited Talk, Text, 1GB Data For $15/Month

Joe Paonessa - Jan 7, 2019
Good2Go Mobile has updated its website and is offering new plans.  The MVNO appears to still be operating on the AT&T network.  Good2Go Mobile does not state it’s network partner but on its coverage map the company does state that: “Global Wireless Solutions Best Network OneScore crowns our network partner
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Good2Go Plan Summary

Good2Go Mobile Adds More Data to Monthly Plans

Joe Paonessa - Mar 14, 2015
      ATT/Sprint MVNO Good2Go Mobile became the 20th member to get added to the cheapest cell phone plan list when all of their monthly plans got their data allotments increased.  All monthly plans include unlimited talk and text with 100 MMS picture messages and varying amounts of data.  Good2Go Mobile
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