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FreedomPop Announces LTE GSM Penny SIM Sale, Includes Free Month Of Unlimited Talk, Text And 2 GB Of Data

FreedomPop Penny SIM Sale
FreedomPop Penny SIM Sale
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FreedomPop has placed its GSM SIM kit on sale again for just 1¢.  As always, ordering the penny SIM will also get you a free trial of FreedomPop's GSM service.  FreedomPop's GSM service operates on AT&T's network.

FreedomPop's free trial offer with the one cent penny SIM features the following:

One month free trial of the Premium LTE 2GB Unlimited Semi-Annual plan which includes:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 2 GB of LTE data

After the free trial, unless cancelled, you will be billed $71.94 every 6 months which works out to an average cost of $11.99/month.

Also part of the free trial is FreedomPop's Phone Premier Package which includes:

  • Visual Voicemail
  • Data Rollover - roll over your unused data and bank up to 20 GB for use anytime
  • MMS Texting
  • Data compression - get up to 2x your data with compression technology
  • Internet security and antivirus protection for all your devices
  • Private Internet - ensures your internet, voice calls & texts are secure and encrypted
  • Ad Blocker - block intrusive ads, pop-ups, and video ads to enhance browsing
  • FreedomPop Sponsor Ads Free Messaging - avoid banner ads in your messaging app

After the free trial, FreedomPop's Phone Premier package is billed every 6 months at a cost of $26.94.

Other features that FreedomPop likes to tout with this offer include the following:

  • It is compatible with most unlocked GSM phones
  • Customers can downgrade for a small one time fee to the free basic plan with 200 mins, 500 texts & 200 MB data each month
  • Free unlimited calling & texting between FreedomPop Phones
  • Wi-Fi calling and texting from anywhere
  • Free international calling from over 60 countries
  • Earn additional free data every month by adding friends
  • Earn unlimited free data by completing partner offers

Depending on where you live, you should be able to get this entire offer for just 1¢ total, including free shipping and no taxes.  If you decide to keep all of FreedomPop's trial add-on's, you'll end up paying $98.88 every 6 months for the service.  This works out to $16.48/month and makes FreedomPop one of the cheapest AT&T MVNO's to offer unlimited talk and text with at least 2 GB of data each month.

Keep in mind that FreedomPop is a VoIP provider which some people are not too fond of.  VoIP services can sometimes add a little latency to phone calls.  This means that sometimes when a subscriber speaks there may be a slight delay before the person on the other end of the line hears what was said.  The delay works in both directions.

If your ok with that, give FreedomPop a try.  It will only cost you a penny.

For those of you interested in service on the Sprint network, FreedomPop has a similar offer available using that network as well.

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