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FreedomPop Launches 100% Free Business Mobile Plan Featuring 2GB Of Data

FreedomPop Small Business Plan Launch Promotion
FreedomPop Launches New Phone Plans For Small Businesses
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FreedomPop has just announced a new phone plan geared towards small business owners and like all of FreedomPop's cell phone plans, service starts at completely "free" with upgrades available for a fee.

The basic free business plan depending on your definition of "free," may be the best free plan that FreedomPop has offered to date as it includes unlimited talk, text and 2 GB of shared data to use every month.  All of FreedomPop's other free plans include finite amounts of talk and text with a much smaller amount of data included.

To be eligible for FreedomPop's business plan, 2 lines of service are required.  The plan also includes free visual voicemail and MMS, as well as tools to allow you to manage all your accounts and devices on one single bill.

FreedomPop's new business plan supports either 25 or 50 lines of service, and up to 25 GB of shared data.  There seems to be a discrepancy on the FreedomPop website as to how many lines are actually supported, one part says 25, and another 50.  I'll get this updated as soon as I find out what that number is.  Regardless of how many lines are actually supported, there is a  $10 per line network access charge, which appears to be waived if you sign up for the promotion detailed at the end of this article which involves purchasing 4 LG Tribute phones for $119.96.

Additional shared data beyond the free 2 GB can be purchased in various increments and are priced as follows:

  • 4 GB -   $34.99/month
  • 10 GB - $74.99/month
  • 25 GB - $159.99

FreedomPop also says those that signup for a business plan will receive enhanced customer support, which I hope means a dedicated phone line for customer support.

Those that choose to signup for service during the promotional launch time will get 4 GB of shared data to use for their first month of service free of charge.

I just went through part of the signup process and it does appear FreedomPop is making a hard push for you to purchase a phone to use with the service.  The phones being offered range in price from $59.99 for the Huawei Union Y538 to $249 for the LG G4.  However, as part of the new service launch, FreedomPop is selling the LG Tribute LS660 for $29.99 each in lots of 4.  If you want to take advantage of one of these offers head on over to FreedomPop.

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