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More work ahead for BestMVNO and that can only benefit you!  Another thing I'd like to add to the carrier MVNO pages is more of a comparison of the limitations of each MVNO, more of the fine print that each one has. I've been mentioning these limitations or the fine print in some of the more recent blog posts like in the one here , involving Cricket wireless.

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To reiterate, Cricket wireless caps LTE data speeds at 8mbps, and HSPA+ at 4mbps. To this I say, why bother with LTE? AT&T's HSPA+ network is capable of speeds of around 8mbps, so why not just offer Cricket on HSPA+ only at full speed? It seems more like a marketing ploy by AT&T and Cricket to be able to say they offer LTE when in reality the end user is getting a little short changed.  Straight Talk has also recently been playing the game claiming they offer 10x more data than their competitors.  A quick browse around this site and you can see that is completely false.  So what other marketing ploys do the carriers and their MNNO's use?  Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted.

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