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MagicJack Launches Updated Android App Now Includes Texting

MagicJack Talk and Text
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MagicJack Talk and Text
MagicJack Now Includes SMS Texting On Android Devices

MagicJack yesterday announced that they've updated their Android app so that texting is now included to go along with talk.  The app allows virtually unlimited calling and texting to any U.S. mobile or landline number, and unlimited talk to any number in Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands at a cost of $1.99/month or $14.99/year.  Whether or not this is of interest to you may depend on your opinion of Google Voice which offers a similar service free of charge.  Many people of course are uncomfortable with what Google may be doing with their personal data across all of their services, and to that point MagicJack may provide a slightly better option for them.  If you're interested in MagicJack I suggests you check out their privacy policy to make sure it fits your needs.

Like Google Voice, MagicJack's app works on any Android device which means you don't need a mobile phone plan for it to work just a wi-fi connection to be able to make calls and texts.  MagicJack is also available for iOS devices.  Unlike Google Voice MagicJack users do not have the ability to send or receive MMS.  I personally have never used the service and don't plan on using it, however it does appear to review well in each respective app store.

Although MagicJack is not an MVNO, BestMVNO does from time to time discuss free calling apps to supplement many of the MVNOs that have talk and text allotments that do not include unlimited calling and texting such as the $30 T-Mobile plan that I use which only includes 100 minutes of talk.

Do any BestMVNO site visitors out there use MagicJack?  If so what do you think of it, and have you compared it to Google Voice?

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