Expo Mobile Migrating Customers To Selectel Wireless?

Expo Mobile Hands Off Customer Service To Selectel Wireless
Expo Mobile Hands Off Customer Service To Selectel Wireless


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I was recently contacted by a person whose husband is a subscriber to Expo Mobile.  She said her husband started receiving text messages from the company asking him to call Selectel Wireless.  Upon calling Selectel Wireless, they were informed that Selectel Wireless would be taking over customer service for Expo Mobile.

After hearing of this I called Expo Mobile's customer support number to try and find out more about the change.  Sure enough, the support number now listed on their website is the number for Selectel Wireless.  The representative I spoke to confirmed that Selectel Wireless is indeed handling customer service for Expo Mobile.  She said it happened around the first week of December.  She also said that subscribers cellular service would still go through and be maintained by Expo Mobile.  However, the person who contacted me about the change at Expo Mobile stated she did just have to refill her husbands wireless plan over the phone through Selectel Wireless.

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To me this all seems a bit strange and I do wonder if this is just the first step in process that will end in Expo Mobile closing and a migration of their customer base to Selectel Wireless.  Expo Mobile's social media accounts have been inactive for quite some time.  They stopped posting to Facebook in July of 2018.  Their Twitter account went dark in in May of 2017.

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Expo Mobile is likely not a big MVNO wireless provider.  Their Sprint and Verizon based monthly plans are certainly dated and not competitive.  In fact the company even lists a Sprint WIMAX based plan as a service plan option.  Sprint shutdown its WIMAX network in March of 2016.  So clearly the company has not put forth any effort in trying to grow its monthly phone plan business in quite some time.  Expo Mobile does however sell some pay as you go wireless plans that still seem competitive in that space.

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If you are an Expo Mobile subscriber, you may want to start shopping for a new wireless provider, unless of course you are happy with Selectel Wireless, who may one day become your new provider by default.

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