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Cricket Wireless Testing $40 Unlimited And 25GB Plans In Select Markets

Cricket Wireless Has $40 Unlimited Plan Offer Available In Select Markets
Cricket Wireless Has $40 Unlimited Plan Offer Available In Select Markets
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Cricket Wireless currently has some very interesting offers running. Unfortunately, they aren't widely available. But if you are in one of the test markets where the offers are available, Atlanta, St. Louis, Miami/West Palm Beach, or LA, listen up. These deals are for you.

If you are in the Miami or West Palm Beach areas of Florida, or near Los Angeles, California, you can get yourself an unlimited data plan for just $40/month. In November of 2019, Cricket ran a similar deal allowing bring your own device customers to get an unlimited plan for $40/month. That offer was widely available, unlike this new one. The rest of the plan details are the same as the old offer. The plan lacks mobile hotspot but of course has unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data. Data speeds will be limited to 4G LTE, but in general, there are no speed caps except for video streaming. Videos will stream at 1.5Mbps or a resolution of about 480p. During times of network congestion, data speeds may be temporarily reduced until the congestion gets relieved. The offer is also only available to switchers and excludes AT&T ports.  Customers activating in-store will have to pay a $25/line activation fee.

Cricket Wireless actually has actually filmed two commercials highlighting the offers for its intended markets. The videos are available to view on Cricket's YouTube channel and I have embedded them down below so you can watch. One of the videos, shown immediately below, says the offer is for BYOD device customers. The other video is advertising unlimited data for $40/month plus a free phone with a picture of the Cricket Icon 2 shown. I don't know how long these videos will be available on Cricket's YouTube channel but watch them below while you can.

Cricket's BYOD Unlimited Plan Commercial

Cricket's $40 Unlimited Plan Commercial Featuring Free Phone Offer

The $40 unlimited plan is not eligible for autopay or multi-line discounts.

Cricket's $40 25GB Plan Offer

Cricket Wireless is offering a $40 plan with 25GB of data in the Atlanta and St. Louis markets. Just like with its unlimited data plan offers there is a commercial highlighting the deal.

In the commercial, Cricket is championing the deal by telling viewers that they can get more than double the data for $40/month. Cricket's $40 plan normally includes 10GB of high-speed data and has a $5/month autopay discount available that drops the price down to $35/month. However, autopay and multi-line discounts are not available with the 25GB promotional plan.

It's possible all of these offers may be available in a few other markets. But an AT&T representative was only able to confirm the markets listed in this article. You can actually see the offers for yourself by heading over to Cricket's website and by putting in a zipcode from one of the markets confirmed to have the promos. I have a screenshot of one of them below. I expect at least one of the offers to become more widely available at a later date, as does Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research. Moore has observed radio ads of the new localized offers and commented to BestMVNO: "the launch of two regional offers just before tax system looks to me like a bake-off. Whichever offer has stronger results likely will be launched nationwide for tax season. Sure, there are new TV ads in trial markets, but Wave7 Research has also observed radio advertising for these trial offers in select markets."

Cricket Wireless More Than Double Data Offer Available In Select Markets
Cricket Wireless More Than Double Data Offer Available In Select Markets

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