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Cricket Wireless Lowers Price Of Unlimited Data Plan, Offers $50 Bill Credit For Port Ins

Switch To Cricket And Get A $50 Bill Credit
Switch To Cricket And Get A $50 Bill Credit
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Cricket Wireless just lowered the price of its unlimited data plan from $70/month to $60/month with taxes and fees included.  If you enable autopay on your account you can get the plan for $55/month, which is pretty much the best deal around for unlimited data on AT&T's network.

The plan and its price change however does come with somewhat of a new stipulation.  Cricket Wireless now explicitly states that those who use over 22 GB of data in a month will see their network speeds temporarily reduced during times of heavy network congestion.  This practice of reducing network speeds during network congestion is called data prioritization by the carriers.

I'm not quite sure why Cricket is instituting this change given that its network download speeds are already slower than standard LTE rates on AT&T.  Cricket limits the download speed of its subscribers to 8 Mbps while there is no limitation on upload speed.  Furthermore, it is standard practice to prioritize MVNO's below their parent network during times of heavy network traffic.  Given these two facts, I'll be interested to know if anyone actually notices any difference in their service in real world use once they go over 22 GB of data use.

In addition to the plan including unlimited data, unlimited talk, text and international text to over 38 countries are also included.  Unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada are also included as is full service roaming while in each country.  Starting on April 2nd, the plan will also include “Stream More” which means that streaming video quality will be limited to a resolution of 480p by default.  
Stream More will be able to be enabled or disabled at any time.

Cricket Wireless's other prepaid plans which I have already profiled, remain unchanged except that they'll also get Stream More.

Port In Credit

Those that are interested in Cricket Wireless's new unlimited plan or Cricket Wireless in general, should strongly consider the MVNO's latest offer which is port in by March 6th and get a free $50 account credit for doing so.  The offer is valid for all port ins except those coming from AT&T.  You must keep your account active and in good standing to receive the credit which will come approximately 45 days after the start of your service.

Amazon is currently discounting Cricket Wireless SIM cards to the price of $2.99 for those that need one and are looking to port over to the AT&T MVNO.

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