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Cricket Wireless Announces ZTE Overture 3 And Alcatel QUICKFLIP

By Joe Paonessa – Nov 1, 2017
Cricket Wireless Announces The Alcatel QUICKFLIP (above) And ZTE Overture 3
Cricket Wireless Announces The Alcatel QUICKFLIP (above) And ZTE Overture 3

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Cricket Wireless announced today that it will be adding two new phones to its lineup.  The ZTE Overture 3 and Alcatel QUICKFLIP will both be launched together on November 10th.

ZTE Overture 3

The ZTE Overture 3 will be free to customers who make the switch to Cricket Wireless and subscribe to a qualifying plan costing $30 or more.  New and existing customers will be able to get it for $49.99.

The ZTE Overture 3 features the following:

  • 5" display
  • 5 MP rear camera
  • HD Voice capability
  • FM radio

ZTE and Cricket have not yet confirmed what other specs the device will have.  Based on the ZTE Overture 2, it is expected that the Overture 3 will come with either a Snapdragon 412, 425 or 430 processor, 8 GB of internal storage expandable with a microSD card and 1 GB of RAM.  The battery will likely be sized at a minimum of 2100 mAh.


The Alcatel QUICKFLIP will arrive on Cricket Wireless with a price tag of $29.99 for new and existing customers.  As its name implies, the device is a flip phone.

The QUICKFLIP comes with a 2.8" 320x240 pixel screen, 512 MB RAM, 1 GB internal storage expandable with a microSD card, 2 MP camera, supports HD voice, has a 1350 mAh battery and a built in FM radio.  It also has Wi-Fi connectivity and users can surf the web over Wi-Fi or Crickets 4G LTE data network.

Cricket and Alcatel only announced a limited set of device specifications, however, I was able to find a user manual buried on Alcatel's website where I pulled a few more of the specifications that I listed above from.

If you want to know more about Cricket Wireless and the AT&T based provider, see this guide entitled "Everything you need to know about Cricket Wireless before subscribing."

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