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Consumer Cellular Again Offers Free Month Of Service, Featured Plan Includes 20GB Of LTE Data

Consumer Cellular Offering Free Month Of Service
Consumer Cellular Offering Free Month Of Service
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Consumer Cellular is again offering a free month of service to new subscribers.  Customers can take advantage of the offer by signing up for any Consumer Cellular phone plan.  The best-valued plan to get with this offer includes unlimited talk and text with 20GB of data at 4G LTE data speeds.  The plan is regularly priced at $60/month for single lines.

Consumer Cellular's Free Month Offer Fine Print

This offer went live on August 15th and will be available until September 30th, 2019.  It is available for new customers only, however, there is an offer available for existing customers.  Existing customers that add a line to their account will receive a $15 invoice credit.  Consumer Cellular charges subscribers $15/month to add a second line to their account, so existing customers who take this offer up will receive the equivalent of a free month of service for the second line.  After the first month of service is up, customers can elect to stick to their plan and pay the going rate for it, or switch to another plan.  That's pretty much it for the fine print, it's a straight forward offer.

Available Phone Plans

 Data250 MinutesUnlimited Minutes
0 MB$15$20
250 MB$20$25
2 GB$25$30
5 GB$35$40
10 GB$45$50
20 GB$55$60

All plans that include data come with unlimited texting.  Plans with no data do not come with any text messaging.

Prices shown do not include taxes and fees.  They cost extra.  According to an online chat support specialist I spoke to, plans do include mobile hotspot usage.  Customers can add a second line to any plan for $15/month.  Talk, text, and data are shared between lines.  Customers who go over their plans data allotment will automatically be upgraded to and billed for the next highest data tier allotment available. Those on the 20GB data plan will automatically be billed $5 for each additional GB of data that they consume during a billing cycle. Data speeds may also be slower once 20GB of data has been consumed.  Customers that exceed 30GB of data usage may have their data services suspended until their next billing cycle begins.

Consumer Cellular is an MVNO that operates on both the AT&T and T-Mobile networks.

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