New MVNO “Charge” Offering Data Only Plans For Your Smartphone

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Charge Discontinues Talk And Text Plans In Favor Of Data Only


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A new MVNO has launched offering data only plans for your smartphone or tablet with only a SIM card required for use. The new MVNO is called "Charge" and service is provided via Sprint's network.

Charge is the first wireless provider that I'm aware of to offer data only plans for smartphones without the need for a separate hotspot device to get service.


Subscribe to BestMVNO and always be informed of the latest deals, plans and carrier promotions! readers know that they can get data only plans for their phones already courtesy of MVNO's such as Ting, US Mobile and Pix Wireless. Charge however,  differs from the others by not offering voice and text packages which is a welcomed addition to the wireless market particularly for those that find traditional sms and voice plans to be antiquated technology. Google Voice/Hangouts users can rejoice knowing that they can walk around with their phones without having to pay the extra costs associated with SMS and text.


Charge offers mobile data with pay as you go pricing and data that never expires. There are no contracts or monthly bills associated with the service.

Pricing starts at $15 per GB, however it is reduced to $13 per GB if you buy 5GB of data or more at a time.

The company has launched with a promotion offering buy 5GB get 1GB free.


Those that require large amounts of data at a time will likely find this service to be too expensive for smartphone use as 5 GB of monthly data can be had for as little as $30/month elsewhere.

Those who are light users will find Charge to be a pretty good bargain, particularly when you don't have to pay for a monthly cell phone bill anymore.

Charge also works with tablets and other devices that use SIM cards. If you intend to buy monthly data with them their $15 1GB plan does compare pretty favorably to other tablet plans.  After that, pricing can be hit or miss though depending on your needs.

To find out more or sign up for service, head on over to Charge.

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4 years ago

$75 for 5GB (6 with free 1GB) they sure as hell picked the right name……

4 years ago
Reply to  BestMVNO

You are right, for very limited users needing it for an entire year.

But for that, I have a RingPlus free line that gives 650MB LTE Sprint data every month. This new company seems high for just data, with other better (or free for now) options.