Boost Mobile Project Switch Promotion
Boost Mobile Launches "Project Switch" Campaign


Boost Mobile launched a promotion today entitled "Project Switch" that will run until 6/1/2017.  The promotion is for multi-line customers that switch to Boost Mobile from another carrier with at least one line coming from a non Sprint based provider.  Those that switch will be able to get 4 lines of service with unlimited everything, including unlimited 4G LTE data for just $100/month.  The same price is also offered to those who only have 2 or 3 lines, those with a 5th line will pay $130/month.  Unfortunately, current customers are getting the old stiff arm from Boost Mobile as they are not eligible for the special pricing.  After all, why reward loyal customers who are contributing to your bottom line?

Boost Mobile's Project Switch is launching nationally with the following tagline:

Boost makes it easy to switch. Switching to Boost makes it easy to save.

The company has begun advertising the promotion on TV in select markets such as Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, and Miami.  The ads will air in both English and Spanish on various network and cable stations.

Those that are familiar with Boost Mobile's policies will recognize that the tagline "Boost Makes It Easy To Switch...." is a bit of a farce given that the Sprint owned prepaid brand does not support BYOD with the exception of just a handful of devices such as the iPhone.  This of course means that if you are planning on making the switch, you likely will have to plan on spending money on some new phones.  I don't know about you, but that certainly doesn't sound easy to me.

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At least the price being offered for 4 lines of service with unlimited 4G LTE data is the cheapest around, that is as long as you and your family are in need of a new phone, or have one of the few compatible devices that can be brought over to Boost.


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