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Boost Mobile’s Growing Data Plans To Be Replaced September 30th

Boost Mobile Unlimited Plans
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Prepaid Phone News is reporting that Boost Mobile will be completely replacing it's growing data and $60 unlimited plans with its newly released unlimited plans.  The changeover will happen on September 30th, with customers of the old plans getting to retain those plans if they choose.

I have already updated the Boost Mobile News, Promotions and Cell Phone Plans page with Boost Mobile's latest prepaid plans.  The legacy plans are still listed as well.  Those of you that are contemplating a switch over to Boost Mobile should go over both sets of plans very carefully, as some of you will surely prefer the legacy offerings.

On September 30th, Boost Mobile is eliminating its $35, $45 and $60 offerings.  All of those plans contain unlimited talk, text and data with varying amounts of high speed data.  The amount of data included with each plan is as follows:

  • Boost Unlimited $35 ($30 with autopay) - 2 GB data
  • Boost Unlimited $45 ($40 with autopay) - 5 Gb data
  • Boost Unlimited $60 ($55 with autopay) - unlimited 4G LTE with hotspot LTE data limited to 8 GB

The $35 and $45 plans can blossom to include up to 5 GB and 8 GB of data respectively thanks to Boost's growing data feature, which rewards customers with 500 MB of additional data for every 3 months of on time payments.

Once October 1st comes, Boost customers will only have two offerings to choose from, the $30 Unlimited Starter and $50 Unlimited Unhook'd plans.  Like its predecessors, each plan will have the option for a $5 discount if you enable auto-pay in your account.

New Plans and Analysis

Boost's new $30 plan ($25 with autopay) will be similar to the old offering which was priced at $35/month except that only 1 GB of data will be included, however for $5 more each month you can get an additional 1 GB of high speed data.  With the data add on option enabled both the old and new plan will have the same feature set at the same price, except the new plan will not include growing data.  So for this reason, prospective customers may find better value in the legacy plan.

The new Unlimited Unhook'd plan is the cheapest unlimited LTE data plan you can currently buy, so it is a great value as long as you are ok with a few of its caveats.  Unlike the legacy unlimited 4G LTE data plan, the new plan will have video streaming limited to 480p resolution, audio streaming to 500 Kbps and gaming limited to 2 Mbps.  Some may consider these limitations to be quite restrictive although I suspect most customers who don't tether to a TV or larger device won't really notice the restrictions.

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