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Boost Mobile Updating Plans, Brings Back Taxes & Fees, Goes Silent On Advertising

Boost Mobile To Charge For Taxes And Fees, Updates Online Promos
Boost Mobile To Charge For Taxes And Fees, Updates Online Promos
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Boost Mobile is once again making major changes. A report by the firm Wave7 Research noted the company will start charging customers for taxes and fees and they will no longer be included in Boost Mobile's advertised prices. In fact, Boost Mobile's frequently asked questions now state "Taxes and fees are extra; however, some customers who activate service in-store may receive Boost’s tax-inclusive plans."  It is not clear what Boost's in-store "tax-inclusive plans" is a reference to, but Wave7 Research believes taxes and fees are weeks away from also being charged in stores. It's also not clear whether current customers are grandfathered into having taxes and fees included with their plans. If you are a current customer on Boost Mobile, leave a comment below and let us know if you are now being charged for taxes and fees. Update: 6/15/21 - A Boost Mobile rep has denied that taxes will be charged in stores, but does not dispute that they'll be charged for plans activated online. Update 2: Boost Mobile's FAQs have been changed again to state that taxes and fees are included with all plans, however, parts of Boost's website still show special plan offers as having taxes and fees cost extra.

Boost Mobile also made a number of other significant number changes to start the month of June. At the end of May, BestMVNO reported that Boost Mobile would be discontinuing its Shrink-It and Affordable Family plans. Both plans have in fact now been discontinued.

Continuing with changes, Wave7 Research notes that in the coming weeks Boost Mobile is also likely to discontinue its $10/month plan. The $10/month plan is for new customers only that either bring their own device or purchase one at full retail price. It includes unlimited talk and text with 1GB of hard capped data. Data only plans are also set to make a more broad return. Currently, a data only plan is only available to subscribers who are eligible for the government's EBB program.

From 5/21-6/10 Boost Mobile was trialing an autopay discount. Certain customers were messaged by Boost Mobile for a special offer of a $5/month autopay discount for up to 12-months.

Not surprisingly, Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research tells me that since 4/18, Boost Mobile has all but stopped commercial marketing of its services. There has been zero TV advertising since then, and almost no radio advertising. Boost Mobile's YouTube channel also seems devoid of any recent digital video ads. Given all the changes currently happening at Boost, it probably makes sense for the company to temporarily halt ads until it finishes implementing all of its scheduled changes.

“Boost has suspended TV advertising and is doing little advertising in general as it tries to figure out its strategy and its message. Shrink-It was a failure. Customers want unlimited data. Ironically, as Dish Network builds out its network, Boost will be regaining owners’ economics, so there’s hope for Boost.” --Jeff Moore

New Online Promos

Boost Mobile has launched some online promos. New customers can get Boost's $50 plan with 35GB of high-speed data before throttling to 2G for just $35 for their first month of service. The plan also includes unlimited talk, and text and 12GB of data can be used for mobile hotspot. Additional lines are $30/month. The deal is available here.

Boost is also offering its $25 plan for $15 for 1-month to new customers. The plan includes unlimited talk and text with 5GB of high-speed data that is hard capped. Data can be used for mobile hotspot. You can signup for this deal here.

When I simulated signing up for both of those plans, taxes and fees did surprisingly seem to be included in the price. The SIM card was also free as was shipping.

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