Boost Mobile Stops Charging Taxes And Fees
Boost Mobile Stops Charging Customers Taxes And Fees


Sprint made it official today that its prepaid brand Boost Mobile will now include all taxes and fees in its listed cell phone plan prices for both new and existing customers.  Existing customers will notice the change in their next monthly bill that comes after today, September 8th.

Boost Mobile's chief marketing officer Angela Rittgers had the following to say about this new policy change:

For everyone who is tired of overpaying thanks to hidden fees on their wireless plans, it’s time to ‘Make the Switch’ to Boost Mobile. Plans start as low as $25 per line, all on the fast and reliable Sprint LTE Network.

To celebrate this change, Boost Mobile will be hosting a scavenger hunt entitled "Flip Off Taxes Scavenger Hunt" on Friday, September 22nd in the cities of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.  The winner of the scavenger hunt in each city will receive $5,000 for finding a "Golden Switch.'

Unlimited Data Promotion

In addition to the newly announced policy change, Boost Mobile will continue to run its 4 lines of unlimited LTE data for $100 promotion through 11/2/17.  The promotional pricing is only available to new customers who must visit their local Boost Mobile store to get the deal.

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Boost's unlimited data plan features unlimited talk, text and data as well as 50 domestic voice roaming minutes.  Video streams are limited to a resolution of 480p, music streams 500 kbps and gaming streams to 2 Mbps.  During times of heavy network congestion, subscribers may notice their data speeds to be temporarily reduced.

Sources: Sprint Newsroom

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