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Boost Mobile Now Making Big Push To Promote K Health Partnership

New Boost Mobile TV Ad Promotes K Health
New Boost Mobile TV Ad Promotes K Health
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In May, Boost Mobile announced that it had partnered with K Health to offer free telemedicine health care services to its subscribers. Until now, Boost has done very little to market the new perk.

Just days ago, Boost Mobile launched its first new TV ad in months. Boost stopped all TV advertising back in April. The new ad features K Health and picks up by using the same tagline as previous ads. It starts by telling viewers that "Boost Mobile is all about giving you more power." Viewers are told that they now get more power over their health. The ad continues with a voiceover that says "Boost is the only mobile carrier to give you free 24/7 access to live doctors from your phone." The audience is told of Boost's free Samsung Galaxy A32 5G switcher offer.

Screenshot, New Boost Mobile TV Ad Marketing Free Phone And Free Live Doctor Access
Screenshot, New Boost Mobile TV Ad Marketing Free Phone And Free Live Doctor Access

There are English and Spanish and time variations of the ad although some of the ads may be destined for online only airing. You can check out the English version of the ad that is airing on TV below.

The K Health telemedicine platform that Boost Mobile has partnered with regularly costs $12/month for the service. However, Boost Mobile customers can get it for free when they signup for Boost's $60 flagship plan with 35GB of high-speed data. All other Boost Mobile customers can get K Health as a plan add-on at the discounted rate of $7.99/month.

I spoke to Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research who tells me that some Boost reps are even being offered K Health through early 2022. Moore added "it’s interesting that after a hiatus of four months with no TV advertising, Boost suddenly drills down on its K Health telemedicine offering. Telemedicine is a good thing, but Boost needs to find a way to differentiate itself from its competitors. I don’t think this is the way.”

Boost Mobile has a webpage setup touting what K Health offers to its subscribers. The page exclaims that "K Health a leading telemedicine app providing 24/7 access to board-certified doctors from your Boost Mobile phone. From prescription refills to routine care, get everything you may need from a doctor in minutes. Stress-free, smart telemedicine for you and your children (age 3+)."

It's important to note for those interested in Boost's K Health bundle, that telemedicine and health insurance are two different things. While K Health will get you access to a doctor, it does not include insurance. The cost of the labs and medicines a doctor may prescribe for you through K Health will be your responsibility to cover.

Strangely, Boost Mobile still doesn't market K Health as a service feature on its website homepage. When I checked Boost Mobile's plan listing page it was not shown as a feature of Boost's $60 plan either. Boost is probably spending hundreds of thousands if not more on its new TV ad, but has not made K Health more readily apparent on its website, one of the places where viewers may go after watching the ad.

Boost Mobile Focused On Market Differentiation

Boost Mobile has really focused on differentiators over the last several months. It has looked to offer services and perks with its plans that are outside the traditional realm of talk, text, and data. Add-ons that can't be found elsewhere.

The wireless provider also recently launched a partnership with DraftKings. DraftKings signage can be seen in many Boost Mobile stores. Offers of a free $3 ticket when you deposit $5 and enter any paid daily fantasy ticket have been highlighted.

Boost is not the only provider to start to focus on differentiators. All major wireless carriers offer streaming media perks with their plans. In fact some seem to be racing to see who can add the most streaming media perks to their plans. Metro by T-Mobile offers free Amazon Prime and Google One subscriptions with select plans. And Cricket Wireless just announced that a free HBO Max subscription will now be available with their flagship $60 unlimited plan. Verizon's flagship unlimited plan includes Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, Discovery, and Apple Music subscriptions. Verizon also recently added AMC+ for free to those who buy select plans and purchase a phone on an installment plan.

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