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Boost Mobile Offering Free 43″ TV With Purchase Of 4 LG Stylo 5 Phones For $9.99 Each, iPhone 7 Is Now $49.99

Free LG TV Offer From Boost Mobile
Free LG TV Offer From Boost Mobile (Photo Via Boost Mobile Of Belle Glade)


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Boost Mobile has some new holiday offers out.  Subscribers looking to port to Boost Mobile with 4 lines can pick up 4 LG Stylo 5's for $9.99 each while also scoring a brand new free 43" LG TV.  Additionally, Boost Mobile now has the iPhone 7 available for $49.99.

Boost Mobile's Free LG TV And $9.99 LG Stylo 5 Offer Details

Boost Mobile's free 43" LG TV offer is available in stores only and will be available until 1/6/20.  In order to qualify for the offer, customers will need to signup 4 new lines with a Boost Mobile unlimited plan priced at either 4 lines for $100 or 4 for $120.  A total of 4 LG Stylo 5's must also be bought priced at $9.99 each.  Alternatively, customers can also buy LG Stylo 4's or 4+'s.  At least one number must be a port-in, and the offer is not available to those porting in from a Sprint related carrier.  Customers will also be required to make 3 consecutive payments on their phone plan within 100 days.  All lines must stay on the same plan for the entire 100 day term.  Customers who meet and complete the eligibility requirements can then visit to put a claim in for the free TV.  Alternatively, subscribers can text the word STYLO to 833-831-4440 to make their claim.

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Customers wishing to claim the free TV offer must do so by 2/6/20.  Once claimed, it may take an additional 100 days for Boost and LG to verify that all conditions have been met for the free TV offer.  LG has set up a huge question and answer webpage detailing all the additional fine print.  From what I gather from the fine print, it may take customers 240+ days to receive their TV counting from the date they first subscribed to Boost.

Boost Mobile's iPhone 7 For $49.99 Offer

This offer is much more simple and straight forward compared to the free TV offer.  It is available in-store only, and requires subscribers to port to an unlimited plan priced $50 or higher.  Those porting from a Sprint-related carrier are not eligible for the promotional pricing.  It will be available until 1/6/20 and there is a limit of 1 device allowed per line.  Customers will be responsible for paying sales tax on the device.

Boost continues to run several other offers.  The iPhone 6s is available for $24.99 and the Samsung Galaxy A20 is available for free to switchers.

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Sonya Johnson
Sonya Johnson
8 months ago

I got my tv February 31 it was busted the whole front been calling for 4 weeks now noone takes responsibly for it call this one no call that one i held up my end of the contract they haven’t . I have been put on hold for over an hour by boostmobile main office then just plain hung up on lg office says it is the store i bought it at they have to honor the deal but Clermont Florida store keeps saying it isn’t them it’s Boostmobile they are boostmobile. This store will lie to you just to get in your pocket.

Sonya Johnson
Sonya Johnson
8 months ago

I received the 43 smart tv on February 31 the whole screen was busted i returned it through FedEx to where they sent it from for a replacement the next morning March 31 since then no one will talk to me about it they give me the run around they keep me on hold for 1 hour at the time or just hang up on me this isn’t right from what they say it is the store’s problem to call them i have many time no one will help me get my tv which i held up my end of the contract but they havent im more them mad right now

Benjamin Navarrete
Benjamin Navarrete
9 months ago

I just received my tv today via FEDEX and its has a huge crack in the screen like it was pushed in and pulled out. Who do i contact to go about fixing this?

Cecilia Castillo
Cecilia Castillo
10 months ago

Thank you Boost Mobile for my free tv🙏❤

Sam Asoj
Sam Asoj
1 year ago

I could be mistaken, but the way I read the free TV offer, it sounds to me like you can claim the TV as soon as you sign up for that deal (4 new lines, 4 new phones, at least one line is a port in, $100+ per month, etc), rather than claim the TV after 100 days and then wait an additional 100 days (in other words, consecutively) and then after 100 days from when you signed up and submitted the claim, you would wait up to 6 weeks, so it would be about 140+ days, not 240+ days. Basically, I think they are saying they are not going to start the process of sending the TV until all conditions have been met for the free TV offer, I don’t think you actually have to wait 100 days then claim it, then wait another 100 days from when you claims it.