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Boost Mobile Customers, Dealers, Still Suffering Effects Of Cyber Attack

Boost Mobile Display At Walmart
Boost Mobile Display At Walmart
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It's coming up on two weeks since DISH Network was hit by a cyber attack knocking many of its systems and websites down including its Boost brands. At the time of this writing, Boost Infinite's homepage reads:

"Thank you for your patience. We are experiencing a systems issue that our teams are working hard to resolve. Please click here for more information and help with common issues."

The new Boost Mobile website is fairing much better. The homepage is working again and no longer displays just an error message, although there is a banner at the top of the page mentioning that Boost is having issues with some customer service operations.

Despite DISH's ongoing efforts to resolve the damage that was done, customers and dealers continue to suffer its effects. Tips shared with BestMVNO confirm that once again today, parts of Boost's payment systems went down. Due to the outage, some customers weren't able to pay their Boost Mobile bills in stores and dealers weren't able to activate their service. Further complicating the issue is that customers had been getting told that DISH would take care of their next bill as a courtesy for the outage. However, a portion of those customers still found their accounts suspended today for non-payment, as did customers who paid their bills the previous day. Even when the systems were reportedly back up, customers who were making payments, including those who made payments the day before still weren't having their service restored. This led Boost dealers to have to handle some understandingly outraged customers throwing fits in their stores.

Over the last 24 hours, Redditors also posted about their troubles. One posted in the last hour that they went to a store because their service got shutoff as autopay stopped working. The store told them they couldn't pay there.

Another Boost Mobile customer with a bill coming due posted on Reddit today that Boost is unable to find the phone number and email address associated with their account.

Another seemingly paid their bill online today after losing service, but an hour after payment hadn't had their service restored and customer service was unable to help.

A Redditor posted yesterday that their bill was paid via autopay the day before yet they still lost service. A customer in that same Reddit thread said their service didn't get restored until three hours after their payment had been accepted.

At the time of this article's publication, payment systems are reportedly back online. However, dealers still can't access their customers' accounts to change their rate plans or add extra features to them. A time frame for when the systems will be fully operational has not been given to dealers, other than "as soon as possible."

Unfortunately, the security incident at DISH is financially detrimental to everyone involved from consumers, to dealers, the company itself, and everyone in between. As a result, DISH, its brands, and its brands' reputations may be tarnished for some time to come.

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