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Boost Infinite Pop-Up Shop (Pic Via Boost Infinite Facebook Post)

Boost Infinite Has Launched In Las Vegas Area Boost Mobile Stores

Joe Paonessa - Sep 21, 2023
According to a newly released prepaid report from the firm Wave7 Research, DISH planned to launch Boost Infinite in 15 Las Vegas area Boost Mobile stores by the end of September. The launch appears to have now gone live. An online store locator check by BestMVNO of Boost Mobile stores
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Boost Infinite Access for iPhone Plan Launches September 15

Boost Infinite’s New $60/month Plan Will Get You A New iPhone Every Year

Joe Paonessa - Sep 13, 2023
In June, BestMVNO reported that Boost Infinite launched a new $50/month plan that promised special deals on new phones. The first announced offer coinciding with the plan’s launch was a free iPhone 14 with device trade-in and a 36-month device financing agreement. Customers could upgrade to an iPhone 14 Plus
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Boost Infinite Launches Unlimited Plus Bundle With Free iPhone

Boost Infinite Launches iPhone On US, Makes Several Significant Plan Changes

Joe Paonessa - Jun 9, 2023
Boost Infinite launched a new wireless plan today “Infinite Unlimited+” for $50/month. With the new plan, there’s a new promotional offer. Customers who signup for Infinite Unlimited+ and trade-in an old phone will get an iPhone 14 for free. Alternatively, customers can get a more premium iPhone such as the
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Boost Mobile Display At Walmart

Boost Mobile Customers, Dealers, Still Suffering Effects Of Cyber Attack

Joe Paonessa - Mar 6, 2023
It’s coming up on two weeks since DISH Network was hit by a cyber attack knocking many of its systems and websites down including its Boost brands. At the time of this writing, Boost Infinite’s homepage reads: “Thank you for your patience. We are experiencing a systems issue that our
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DISH And Boost Mobile Websites Still Partially Down And Redirecting To Error Pages After Cyberattack

DISH & Boost Mobile Outage Continue On, Smells Like Ransomware Attack

Joe Paonessa - Feb 27, 2023
The DISH Network has been experiencing an outage that began last Thursday, February 23, 2023. It’s now Monday, the 27th. The outage coincided with the release of DISH’s 4Q22 earnings call and took both the old and new Boost Mobile websites ( and as well as offline. The
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