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Boost Infinite’s Latest TV Ad Mentions It Uses 3 Of The Nation’s Top Networks

Boost Infinite Website And New TV Ad Now Tout Save 40% Vs. Competition
Boost Infinite Website And New TV Ad Now Tout Save 40% Vs. Competition
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Boost Infinite debuted a new TV ad over this past weekend. According to the ad is entitled "Boost Infinite's Wireless Utopia: Explorer." I find this ad to be significant as its the first TV ad from Boost Infinite that explicitly states that subscribers get coverage from "three of the nation's top wireless networks."

Like a TV ad Boost Infinite began airing last month, this new ad is focused on selling consumers the iPhone 15 Pro. However, it seems to correct what some may consider a mistake with the older ad. The new ad immediately mentions that you can get the device with Boost Infinite. The older ad takes a full 17 seconds to even mention the Boost Infinite brand and seems like it could initially be easily confused with a TV ad for Apple.

Boost Infinite's latest TV ad informs viewers they can save up to 40% on their monthly wireless bill and "enjoy the latest iPhone every year with unlimited wireless." However, the ad fails to mention what the price of Boost Infinite actually is. That would seem to be a miss in my book. Perhaps leaving the price out peaks the curiosity of viewers to want to check out the Boost Infinite website where they'll find that the plan costs $60/month?

Screenshot From New Boost Infinite TV Ad Promoting iPhone On Us Offer
Screenshot From New Boost Infinite TV Ad Promoting iPhone On Us Offer

The Boost Infinite website has been updated to match the theme of the new TV ad. The homepage now features a banner that reads "Save 40% versus the competition. New iPhone 15 Pro, on us."

Coverage On Three Networks Is A Brand Differentiator

Last month, BestMVNO reported that for the first time Boost Infinite openly advertised that it uses three networks. Banners on the Boost Infinite website and Amazon's Boost Infinite storefront began to read "we brought together three of America's 5G networks to give you unparalleled nationwide coverage. Now, you benefit from the combined strength of not just one, but three networks, ensuring seamless connectivity wherever you are."

Seamless network switching between the AT&T, T-Mobile and the Boost 5G Network had been a long awaited feature for tech enthusiasts interested in Boost Infinite. Boost Infinite is referring to its native network combined with coverage on two other networks as "America's Smart Network." It's a big differentiator for the brand. And now Boost Infinite is further putting its differentiator out in the open by advertising on TV that it uses three networks for coverage. You can watch the full ad below.

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