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Boost Infinite Launches iPhone On US, Makes Several Significant Plan Changes

Boost Infinite Launches Unlimited Plus Bundle With Free iPhone
Boost Infinite Launches Unlimited Plus Bundle With Free iPhone
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Boost Infinite launched a new wireless plan today "Infinite Unlimited+" for $50/month. With the new plan, there's a new promotional offer. Customers who signup for Infinite Unlimited+ and trade-in an old phone will get an iPhone 14 for free. Alternatively, customers can get a more premium iPhone such as the 14 Pro for a small monthly upgrade fee.

The new $50/month Boost Infinite Unlimited+ plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data with data speeds throttled to 512Kbps after you consume 30GB during a billing cycle. This exactly the same as the $25 Boost Infinite Unlimited base plan. However, the new Infinite Unlimited+ plan adds a few extra features not included with the $25 base unlimited plan. It adds "North America Connect," and "International Connect."

North America Connect allows for talk, text, and 5GB of data usage while traveling in either Mexico or Canada. International Connect adds unlimited texting to over 200 destinations and up to unlimited minutes to those destinations. Each add-on if purchased individually would cost $10/month. So doing a little math, you can simply buy Boost Infinite's $25 Unlimited plan and purchase both add-ons for a total plan bundle price of $45/month. That's cheaper than the new Boost Infinite Unlimited+ plan. However, the new Unlimited+ plan is now going to be the only plan to provide "access to special phone offers." Whether or not this is enough of a differentiator to get customers to bite on the new plan remains to be seen, but BestMVNO is skeptical.

Neither Boost Infinite plan allows for hotspot usage. To use hotspot you'll have to purchase an add-on priced at $10/month that will allow you to use all of your plan's high-speed data for mobile hotspot if you so choose. And that brings us to the next set of changes.

Add-Ons Have Had Their Pricing Increased With Some Feature Downgrades

Stetson Doggett, of, informed BestMVNO that Boost Mobile has raised the prices of all of its add-ons. Previously, hotspot, North America Connect, and International Connect add-ons were all priced at $5/month. The price of each has now doubled. And Boost Infinite has even more significantly changed the pricing of its Speed Pass add-on. Speed Pass gives customers an extra 10GB of high-speed data to use in a monthly billing cycle for $10/month. Previously, customers could add an extra 20GB of high-speed data to their plan for just $5/month.

How To Get The Free iPhone And Unlimited+ Plan

Customers interested in this new Boost Infinite Unlimited+ with a free iPhone offer will have to head on over to the Boost Infinite website. From there, you can select the iPhone 14 model you want, go through the checkout process, and submit the details of the device you'd like to trade-in. Boost will then ship to you the phone that you ordered and you'll have to mail back to them the device you are trading in. According to Boost Infinite "If your phone powers on, isn’t lost or stolen, and you’ve removed the anti-theft lock (Find My iPhone), it’s eligible for trade-in."

If you don't want the free iPhone 14 you can choose a different iPhone 14 model with the following upgrade fees:

  • iPhone 14 Plus - $2.78/month
  • iPhone 14 Pro - $4.72/month
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max - $7.50/month

All iPhone offers do require you to agree to a 36-month device financing deal. The discount on each device, including the free iPhone offer will come by way of a monthly discount on your phone bill until the device is paid off. So you'll have to stay with Boost Infinite for three years if you want the maximum discount available on each device including the free iPhone.

It is unclear if any of these deals will be available in any Boost Mobile stores. Last month, Fierce Wireless reported that Wave7 Research spotted Boost Infinite being sold at a Boost Mobile store in Aurora, Colorado. A DISH spokesperson told Fierce Wireless Currently, "We sell Boost Infinite in one Boost Mobile store as a store-within-a-store concept." However, sources have told Wave7 Research that a broader launch is expected in the coming months.

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