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Boom Mobile, best known for being a Verizon MVNO, has added some more plans to its lineup that will provide more value to both current and prospective subscribers.

New Plans Utilizing The V (Verizon) Network

  • $24.99/month for unlimited talk and text with 1 GB of hard capped 4G LTE data
  • $64.99/month for unlimited talk and text with 7 GB of hard capped 4G LTE data

Both new plans include mobile hotspot for iPhones only.

New Plans Utilizing Sprint's Network

  • $19.99/month for unlimited talk and text with 250 MB of data, available for 3G and 4G LTE phones
  • $29.99/month for unlimited talk and text with 2 GB of 4G LTE data
  • $39.99/month for unlimited talk and text with 5GB of 4G LTE data

All 3 plans include data that is hard capped at the amount listed. Unlimited but throttled data is not available after the plans allotment of data is used up.  Mobile hotspot is included with all plans for both iPhones and Android devices.

New Plan On T-Mobile's Network

  • $19.99/month for unlimited talk and text with 250 MB of data, available for 3G and 4G LTE phones.  Plan includes mobile hotspot for iPhones and Android devices.

Data is not unlimited with this plan.  Once the plans data allotment is used up you can either wait for your next billing cycle to get more or add top up data.  Top up data is available priced as as follows:

  • $7.99 for 500 MB
  • $13.99 for 1 GB

The top up data lasts for 90 days.


Boom Mobile's new $24.99 plan on the Verizon network is a steal unless you need international calling.  Currently, there are no other Verizon MVNO's that offer unlimited talk and text with 1 GB of data at that price point.  The closest competing plan comes from Envie Mobile which has an offering of 500 minutes of talk with unlimited text, 1 GB of data and a $5 international calling credit for $25/month.

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The new $64.99 Verizon based plan falls a little bit behind Page Plus Cellular's new offering,  which includes 10 GB of 4G LTE data for $64 with autopay enabled.  Without autopay, Page Plus charges $69.95 for the plan.

The rest of Boom Mobile's new plans compare pretty favorably in the market.  You can judge for yourself though by looking at this list of cheap cell phone plans,  or by using the wireless phone plans comparison tool.

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We just moved two T-Mobile phones to the Boom Mobile Pink plan. It was easy and fast. The customer support is top notch. (They are clever, naming their plans after the major network marketing colors: Boom Red, Pink, Yellow or Blue.) Mobile. We are also planning on switching our land line to one of their Boom Boxes. We figure we’ll be saving a little over $86 per month by moving everything to Boom. Living on a fixed income is no fun, but we are glad we found Boom Mobile.