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AT&T Wireless Customers Can Subscribe To DirecTV Now For As Little As $10/Month

ATT Offering 25 dollars off of DirecTV Now with wireless subscription
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Since its launch, AT&T has been pushing its DirecTV Now service pretty hard on consumers. I even subscribed in their initial launch phase.  At that time AT&T was giving away an Amazon Fire TV Stick with each subscription, as well as offering a discount on the service for as long as you were willing to subscribe.  I signed up for the $35/month plan which included 100+ channels as part of the promotional pricing.  The regular price for the plan was set at $60/month.

In order to retain the Fire TV Stick, all you had to do was prepay for one month of service and you could cancel after that if you wished.  If you canceled right away, you essentially got yourself a brand new Fire TV Stick for a few dollars cheaper than you could get from Amazon or elsewhere.  I ended up sticking with the service for a few months although I did recently cancel the account.

AT&T's latest promotional offering to try and entice subscribers to join DirecTV Now is aimed at those who already subscribe to one of AT&T's postpaid wireless plans, Unlimited Choice, and Unlimited Plus.  Both plans include unlimited LTE data, although the Choice plan priced at $60/month has LTE speeds limited to 3 Mbps, whereas the Plus plan priced at $90/month has no such speed restriction.  If you are a subscriber to either of those plans you can get $25/month off of DirecTV Now.  This means you can get the basic DirecTV Now package which includes 60+ channels for just $10/month.

This sounds like a pretty good deal for those of you who already subscribe to AT&T.  If you still have cable TV, FIOS, satellite TV or something similar, this gives you the opportunity to try out streaming tv on the cheap.

As for me, I mentioned earlier in the post that I subscribed to DirecTV Now for several months before cancelling.  I did like the service, but with so much competition out there for your entertainment dollar such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video as well as free offerings like PlutoTV and Crackle I really couldn't justify the cost of the service.  I just wasn't using it enough.

So what do you think of this promotional offering from AT&T?  How many of you have already taken advantage of the discounted pricing?

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