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Basic Features

Networks Used:AT&T
High Speed Data:Unlimited GB
Hotspot Data:No
International Talk/Text:Yes / Yes
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Price Breakdown

1 Line Monthly / Yearly$60 / $720
2 Lines Monthly / Yearly$115 / $1380
3 Lines Monthly / Yearly$135 / $1620
4 Lines Monthly / Yearly$155 / $1860
5 Lines Monthly / Yearly$175 / $2100
Price Includes All Taxes And Fees?     No

Plan Details

Data is unlimited but data speeds are limited to 3 Mbps, video streams are limited to 1.5 Mbps or about 480p.  Speeds may temporarily slow during times of heavy network traffic if you have consumed more than 22 GB of data in a month.  Full service roaming, including talk, text and data usage available while traveling in Canada or Mexico.

Group/Family Discounts:

Yes, $115 for 2 lines. Each additional line priced at $20 per month for a maximum of 10 lines

Multiple Line Features:

Customers may mix and match different plans from AT&T.  They do not all have to be on the same plan.  Each additional line beyond line 2 is priced at $20 up to ten total lines allowed per account.

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