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AT&T Prepaid Deals Include $149.99 iPhone SE And $57.49 Samsung A01

Get Up To 50% Off Select AT&T Prepaid Android Phones
Get Up To 50% Off Select AT&T Prepaid Android Phones
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AT&T has several prepaid phone deals running. Some may be relatively new, while others have been on-going for a while. Highlighted deals include an in-store only offer of a $149.99 iPhone SE and an offer for a Samsung A01 for $57.49 that is available both in-stores and online.

iPhone SE Offer Highlights

The iPhone SE isn't even available for purchase direct from AT&T Prepaid online at the moment. So the only way to even buy the phone is by visiting your local AT&T dealer or by going through a national retail store. An end date for AT&T's in-store offer is 4/8/21. The same deal is available in-store only at Walmart. Walmart has been running the deal for a while but has a different end date listed of 1/29/21. I would imagine the Walmart deal either gets extended to match AT&T stores or gets changed to get a special Walmart only price.

The offers are for the 64GB model which has a suggested retail price of $399.99. In order to get the phone for $149.99, customers must activate on either AT&T Prepaid's $65 ($50 with autopay) or $75 ($60 with autopay) unlimited high-speed data plans. Customers must also enroll in autopay billing. It is for new lines of activation only. There is a limit of 2 phones allowed to be purchased per transaction. By contrast, the phone is available for free to AT&T postpaid customers, with device trade-in and a device payment plan.

Samsung Galaxy A01 Offer And Other Android Deals

AT&T Prepaid is also offering 50% off select Android devices. Some deals are available online only, while others are available both in-store and online. The $57.49 Samsung Galaxy A01 deal is one that is available both in-stores and online. The device is regularly priced at $114.99. Other deals that are available both online and through AT&T dealers include the following:

  • AT&T RADIANT Core $34.99 regularly $69.99
  • AT&T RADIANT Max $64.99 regularly $129.99
  • LG Phoenix 5 $49.99 regularly $99.99
  • Samsung Galaxy A11: online for $99.99, regularly $149.99, available in stores for $74.99
  • Samsung Galaxy A01 $57.49, regularly $114.99

The following offers are available online only:

  • LG Arena 2 $59.99, regularly $119.99
  • LG Phoenix 4 $44.99, regularly $89.99
  • Nokia 3.1A $59.99, regularly $119.99
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Dash $62.49, regularly $124.99

The deals are scheduled to be available until 4/8/21. New lines of service are required to get the discounts. The discounts are available with the purchase of any AT&T Prepaid plan. Phones are locked to AT&T for 6-months after activation. There is a limit of 1 device allowed to be purchased at a discount per online transaction and a 3 device limit in stores. In stores, there is a $15/line activation fee tacked on to the purchase. Online purchases do not have additional fees. Autopay billing may be required for in-store activations.

There are also similar and in some cases maybe even better deals available at Walmart. The Samsung Galaxy A01 is $9 with in-store activations, however, it does require activation on an unlimited plan priced $50 or higher. This offer has been long-running but is scheduled to end on 1/29/21. Other Walmart deals include a $249.99 Samsung Galaxy A51 5G, the LG Xpression Plus 3 for $79.99, and the AT&T Radiant Max for $79 are alternative deals with all the same terms as the Galaxy A01.

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