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Xfinity Mobile’s Latest Deals Include “iPhone SE On US”

By Joe Paonessa – Feb 11, 2021
Xfinity Mobile Launches iPhone SE On Us Deal
Xfinity Mobile Launches iPhone SE On Us Deal

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Xfinity Mobile is currently offering several phone deals. The latest of the offers is a new "Get an iPhone SE on us" deal. Yes, you can get it for free, but of course, there is some fine print. Other on-going deals include saving $400 on a Samsung Galaxy S21 5g series device and a $25 BYOD credit. Let's take a closer look at each deal and its associated fine print.

iPhone SE On US Offer Fine Print

This offers is restricted to switchers. It is only available to customers that port in and activate a new line of service. The offer also requires a 24-month Xfinity Mobile Device Payment Plan Agreement. The device is made free through monthly account credits. The promo is scheduled to be available until 3/3/21. It is for the 64GB iPhone SE model.

Save $400 On A Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Offer Fine Print

This offer is also restricted to switchers. It requires the purchase of a new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G on a 24-month payment plan. Device credits are then applied to the subscriber's account over a 24-month period.

A similar offer is also available to current customers looking to upgrade. Customers upgrading their lines to a new eligible Samsung 5G phone excluding the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G UW are eligible to receive $400 back through a Visa Prepaid Card offer. Customers ordering their phones online must pay them off in full. If purchased through an Xfinity store, a minimum 50% down payment is required and upgrade fees may apply. The line must then be maintained in good standing for at least 90-days after purchasing the phone. The prepaid cards will then be mailed to subscribers 16-18 weeks after phone activation and expire after 180 days.

The offers are scheduled to be available until 2/24/2021. A maximum of $4000 in prepaid cards can be claimed.

$25 BYOD Device Credit

Customers bringing their own phone to Xfinity Mobile will receive a $25 Visa Prepaid card. Bring your own device customers are also required to port-in their numbers. Accounts must then remain in good standing for at least 90-days after activation. If eligibility requirements are met, the prepaid cards will be mailed to subscribers 16-18 weeks after phone activation and expire after 180 days. A maximum of $250 in BYOD credits can be claimed per account. The offer is scheduled to end on 2/24/2021.

Xfinity Mobile plans start at $15/month for a plan with 1GB of shared high-speed data and go up to $45/month for a plan with unlimited data.

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