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Walmart Family Mobile Introduces 4G LTE and a New Plan

Walmart Family Mobile Plans
Walmart Family Mobile Plans
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Walmart Family Mobile Plans
Walmart Family Mobile Plans

      It seems lately that every day I have to add a new member to the cheapest cell phone plan list.  Hooray for the consumer!

Today Walmart becomes the 19th member of the list with the introduction of a new plan that includes 500 MB of 4G LTE data, and unlimited talk and text at a rate of $29.88/month.  Walmart's $39.88/month plan has been revamped to include 2.5 GB of LTE data where previously data operated at 3G speeds.  Data is unlimited with both plans but throttled to 2G speeds, which if it mirrors T-Mobile's $30 prepaid plan it is likely 64 kbps.

      Walmart Family Mobile is an MVNO operating on T-Mobile’s network.  According to Walmart Family Mobile’s coverage map, service should include domestic voice and basic text message roaming.  A $0.97/line service charge is added to the cost of each plan with taxes between 6% and 28%.

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