Verizon Prepaid’s $65 Unlimited Hotspot Plan Is Going Away On May 21st

Verizon Prepaid's Unlimited Hotspot Plan Is Being Discontinued
Verizon Prepaid's Unlimited Hotspot Plan Is Being Discontinued


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A few weeks ago, Verizon's $65 prepaid unlimited LTE data hotspot (Tablet & jetpack) plan, disappeared from the main part of the Verizon Prepaid website.  This led some to speculate that the plan was going to be no longer offered.  Today, BestMVNO has learned from a Verizon Prepaid dealer that the plan is scheduled to be sunset on May 21st, 2019.  The dealer states that current subscribers on the unlimited hotspot plan will be grandfathered into it. So if this is something you are interested in, you may want to grab it before it gets replaced with something that may be less appealing. But of course, in order to see the plan, you'll first have to click this link, and then choose to buy either a Verizon hotspot device or to bring your own.  When you choose a hotspot device, you have to add it to your cart.  Only after you add it to your cart will you be able to see the unlimited LTE data hotspot plan.

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The aforementioned dealer did not disclose what the plan will be replaced with, but a post on HowardForums seems to offer some details.

According to the post, the plan will be replaced with a $70 plan or $65 with auto-pay, that only includes 15GB of 4G LTE data.  So that's a major change.

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The removal of the unlimited LTE data hotspot plan isn't the only change coming to Verizon Prepaid.  Since January, Verizon Prepaid has been offering nearly double data on its $45 phone and hotspot plans.  The plans normally come with 8GB of LTE data, but Verizon has been giving an extra 7GB of LTE data a month for life to all new subscribers.  Verizon also gave the bonus data to customers who had signed up for the plans after 11/6/18.  The bonus data offer is scheduled to last until 5/20/19.  So if you want that plan, you'll have to act fast to get it.

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