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US Cellular Now Offering Multi-Line Discounts For Select Prepaid Plans

US Cellular Adds Multi-Line Discounts To Prepaid Plans, Offering Free Moto E5 Play

Joe Paonessa - May 2, 2019
US Cellular is the nation’s 5th largest wireless carrier.  The provider operates in 23 different states and serves about 5 million customers.  Today, Alex Wagner of PhoneDog noted that US Cellular is now offering multi-line discounts on select prepaid plans.  After speaking to a US Cellular customer support specialist, BestMVNO
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US Cellular Unlimited Plans Are About To Cost More

US Cellular Unlimited Data Plans Will Soon Cost Subscribers More Money

Joe Paonessa - Aug 15, 2018
Some US Cellular unlimited plan subscribers will soon have a higher monthly phone bill.  On August 23 the company will be raising the prices of their unlimited plans.  The unlimited plans that will see a price hike are part of US Cellular’s Total Plans postpaid offerings.  To partially offset the
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US Cellular Announces 3rd Quarter 2017 Results

Why Do You Like US Cellular? Carrier Adds 35,000 Subscribers In Quarter 3 Of 2017

Joe Paonessa - Nov 8, 2017
US Cellular announced its 3rd quarter results today.  The company said that it added a total of 35,000 postpaid subscribers and 31,000 prepaid customers during the quarter.  In total, the carrier now has over 4.5 million postpaid and 515,000 prepaid subscribers.  Customer turnover rate, or what is otherwise known as
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