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Ultra Mobile Introduces Data Plus Plans, 2 Plans with Unlimited Data

By Joe Paonessa – Apr 28, 2015
Ultra Mobile Introduces Data Plus Plans

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Ultra Mobile Introduces Data Plus Plans
Ultra Mobile Introduces Data Plus Plans

A few days ago T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile unveiled some new plans for those of you that don't necessarily require a lot of international talk and text, something that the company specializes in, but rather favor having increased allotments of 4G LTE data.  The plans are priced at $34 and $44 with the former being more competitively priced in the market.  A summary of each is below.

$34 Plan

  • 1000 minutes of talk to be used domestically and internationally to 10 countries
  • 2 GB of 4G LTE Data
  • Unlimited Global Text

$44 Plan

  • Unlimited domestic and international calls to 10 countries
  • 2.5 GB of 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited Global Text

Each plan includes unlimited data that gets throttled to 128kbps once its high speed data allotment is used up.

The countries that are included with international calling are:
  1. Canada, both landlines and mobile
  2. China, both landlines and mobile
  3. France, landlines and first 1000 minutes of mobile
  4. Israel, landlines and first 1000 minutes of mobile
  5. Mexico, landlines and mobile
  6. Portugal, landlines and first 1000 minutes of mobile
  7. Singapore, both landlines and mobile
  8. Thailand, both landlines and mobile
  9. United Kingdom, landlines and 5¢/min mobile
  10. Venezuela, landlines and 4¢/min mobile

To my eyes it looks like the $34 plan offers more value, unless of course you talk an awful lot, particularly to the places included in the international calling list.  Otherwise $10 is a bit much for an extra 500 MB of LTE data.  At the $34 price point there are just a handful of companies that offer this much 4G LTE data and virtually no others that include international calling to 10 countries.


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